Life Update

February 25, 2012

I know it has been far too long since I last posted.

Life has been busy, as usual, but I mostly did not post because I had no desire to. I was happy living life without blogging. But I’m feeling obligated to throw up a post and fill in my family and friends as to what I’ve been up to, so here’s a quick update:


Life in General

– I’m excited for Hawaii (Maui) in less than two weeks!

– And I’m even more excited for the end of the school year. . . 53 more school days left!

– I’m tired of the snow though—it is still coming down, and while I keep thinking spring is right around the corner, I know better after being here for 5 winters. The truth is that there are probably about 2 more months of winter, and then we have to wait for all the snow to melt. ugh!


Running and Working Out

– Running and working out have been going very well!

– After tomorrow, I will have put in 42 miles this week.

– I did a long run of 12 miles today. Overall, it went okay, but it was only 12*F and those temperatures always zap my energy, making me feel much more tired, and making it difficult to run fast. I was averaging 9:30-10:00 minutes/mile. But I had running buddies to keep me company.

– I have been running with other people 3-4 times a week, which is a lot of fun.

– I have been continuing with Jamie Eason’s Live Fit Trainer. I love lifting weights and can tell my muscles are getting bigger and stronger.

– It looks like I’ll be able to run Grandma’s Marathon in June, which I’m stoked about! It was my first marathon two years ago, and I loved it!



– My focus: there are only 53 days of school left.

– I don’t feel as though I can say much else for fear of offending someone.



– I got my hair cut and colored today. I can’t believe how much it lightens up in-between colorings.

– Ever since moving to Alaska 4.5 years ago, I have had the hardest time finding a salon and stylist I like, but I think I’ve found both now. Escape Salon (an Aveda salon) just opened up downtown, and I was very happy with the experience.

– Craig and I learned how to skate ski last weekend. Unlike classic cross country skiing where your skis are parallel to each other the entire time, in skate skiing, the skiing motion is like that of ice skating, rollerblading, or rollerskating.

Well, that’s a brief update on what’s been happening here. Hopefully next time I’ll have some pictures to post.

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