Catch-up Monday

October 24, 2011

FYI: this post is filled with very random things!

Since I am a Type A+ person, we shall go in chronological order, so let’s start with my weekend.

Friday: work was not fun, I got scolded by another teacher and talked to like I was a child, but then I left work 🙂

Friday night: Craig and I attended a multimedia lecture given by a professional opera singer, Anton Belov. While some of the history went over my head, it was still very interesting, and Craig really dug it!

Saturday: I ran 15 miles in the morning and got things checked off my to-do list the rest of the afternoon/evening.

Sunday: I went to church in the morning, and then Craig and I attended a pianist who played Jewish and Gypsy tunes.

Both the opera lecture and piano recital featured professional musicians, and both events were FREE!!

Locals, you should definitely check out the this concert series at Anchorage Lutheran Church. The next event features bagpipers! (Craig is really excited about this!)


This weekend I made Acorn Squash Bisque using this acorn squash I got at the grocery store for a dollar! Recipe courtesy of Jenna at Eat, Live, Run.



This is why you should always clean out your vacuum cleaner–and never assume that it is just broken!


I know, gross, right??

For the past couple of weeks, the canister on our vacuum cleaner has not been collecting anything. Craig swore it was broken and that we needed a new vacuum. I thought otherwise.

My first plan of attack was to change the filter, so I bought and instilled a new filter. No such luck.

Then I reasoned, “okay, if things are ‘disappearing’ off the floor, but they are not making it to the canister, then something must be in the way.”

So I had Craig check the hose and see if something was clogging it. Sure enough, and the above picture explains it all.


I am cutting back my mileage this week to about 35 miles.

After increasing my mileage for 3 weeks, I usually take the 4th week to cut back a little. I don’t know this is scientifically proven to help prevent injury, but this “rule” is generally followed by most runners.

Mileage from the past week (10/17 – 10/23):

Monday – 8 miles + 20 minutes lifting weights

Tuesday – 6 miles

Wednesday – 7 miles (a.m.) + 4 miles (p.m.) + 30 minutes lifting weights

Thursday – 5 miles

Friday – 3 miles

Saturday – 15 miles

Sunday – off

Total: 48 miles


This morning I ran 7 miles. I ran 2 miles to the local track and then did 3 x 1-mile repeats. I finished by doing a 2 mile cool-down.

Splits from my mile repeats:




Not too consistent, huh?

I was not super stoked to go running this morning when I got up and saw it was raining pretty hard and windy outside. But I’ve always said—and will continue to say—I will take rain over snow any day, so I wore my best clothes for running in the rain and walked out the front door. . . . which is always the hardest part!



What was the highlight of your weekend?

    1. The highlight of my weekend was, with my husband, taking 16 high schoolers to the beach. Teaching and encouraging them was great! But I’m back to the classroom this morning and could’ve used a day to recover 🙂

    1. Highlight of my weekend was the birthday party for Scott (it was a success!). 🙂 Glad you had a great weekend in spite of the stressful workday! Nice job on all the running! I’m coming off my hiatus this week.

    1. It was MEA in Minnesota, so I got 4 days off (I’m a teacher). It was wonderful!

    1. The highlight of my weekend was everything- it was so cool to just get away! And- I have to say- it was cool meet another blogger for the first time (and even cooler that it was Kath).
      I might have to check my vacuum too- I’ve been having the same issue!
      You’re so smart. 🙂

      1. I’ve never met another blogger in person, so it will be very exciting when that happens!

        I love all the gorgeous fall foliage from your trip!

    1. Weekend highlight was going to the Chanhassen Dinner Theater and watching Hairspray. It was funny and here I thought I would not like it so I was very surprised the actresses and actors were excellent so it just was a great weekend.

    1. highlight of my weekend was NOT doing a long run on saturday. sad to say, but it was true. i trained from jan-may for a mid-may marathon, and then late june-oct for a mid-oct marathon. so i’ve hardly had a lazy saturday in all of 2011 and it was SOOO nice!

      1. Oh yes! Every once in a great while I won’t do a long run on Saturday, and it is so refreshing!

    1. The highlight of my weekend was going to a friend’s birthday dinner party. Her husband prepared the whole meal from start to finish and served all the courses. Great food and great company!

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