Red Wing, MN

July 6, 2011


Today my mom and I went on a road trip!

I told my mom we should do a girls-day-out while I was home! I let her pick what she wanted to do. She said she had never spent time in Red Wing, MN, so we took a little road trip to see the sights there today.

We started out by walking around downtown, going into the shops, and just perusing.


Of course we had to make a stop at the Uffda Shop! (I am 25% Norwegian.)


Some of the t-shirts cracked me up.



Red Wing is known for their Red Wing Shoes and work boots.


In the store downtown, there was a small historical museum that showcased how the boots are put together and how they have changed over time.

There was even a pair of work boots made specifically for Alaskans working in the harsh conditions of the oil fields.



Where can the largest boot be found? Why in Red Wing, MN, of course!!


Size: 638-1/2


After a couple hours of “shopping” (we didn’t actually buy anything), it was time to get some food.

I spotted a cafe while driving around and thought it would be a good place to eat because

a.) there was outdoor seating, and I have to take as many opportunities to eat outside now because I never do in Alaska, and

b.) there were a lot of people eating there. Always a good sign!


A walk up to the cafe’s outdoor seating on the rooftop at The Veranda!


We had beautiful views from the rooftop!

DSC_0310 DSC_0309 DSC_0308

My lunch date.


I enjoyed a very delicious salad!

Bib Salad

Marcona almonds, aged goat cheese, port poached cherries, pickled red onions, celery seed vinaigrette

It was very light, flavorful, and completely hit the spot!


We had to eat pretty quickly because we wanted to catch the 1:00 p.m. Rusty’s River Rides boat tour down the Mississippi on the Sigh-Sea-Er II!


The boat tour lasted 90 minutes and was very informative! We saw several sight along the way including bald eagles.


Once again, beautiful views on a picture-perfect summer day!

Summer days in Minnesota are the best! That’s why people endure the long, hard winters.



Barges going up the Mississippi River to the Twin Cities.


The boat that was pushing the barges.


What a fun and informative boat ride!


Naturally it was time for ice cream afterwards at the Red Wing Confectionery!



My mom had the blueberry waffle cone flavor! She said it was really good!

blueberry ice cream with a blueberry swirl and chocolate cone pieces


I had the coconut joy flavor, which was amazing! One of my favorite flavors in a long time!

coconut ice cream with chocolate coconut and roasted almonds

I love hand-dipped ice cream!


After a little more browsing, we drove through Lake City, MN and Wabasha, MN, which were also super cute towns along the Mississippi River.

Both my mom and I had a great day! I love exploring new places!



What was the last city you explored?

What was the last road trip you took?

    1. Looks like a great trip with your mom! The last city/area my husband and I explored was Washington DC last month! 🙂

    1. Looks like a great trip with your mom! The last city/area my husband and I explored was Washington DC last month! 🙂

    1. ooooo, i love having girl dates with my mom!!! looks like you guys had a fabulous day. the mr. and i just explored another small town near ours this weekend. we were in search of a vegan restaurant…but it ended up only serving food from 11-3, so we missed out. so, we explored and found a yummy asian place instead.

    1. I have that same “fear the ear” shirt! Haha! I’ve driven through Red Wing a bunch of times, it looks like such a cute town. The boat tour looks super fun, too.

      Tim and I took a road trip to St. Louis over Memorial weekend – I had never been there before and wanted to check it out. We had a great time!

      1. Actually the t-shirt is my sister’s. I like to borrow her clothes when I’m home. 😉

        1. That is funny!! My mom got it for me after we graduated so it makes sense that your sister would have one.

    1. I was in England last month and we got to explore London and also a little town up the river called Henley-on-Thames. It was pretty much filled with bars, pubs, restaurants and expensive shopping, with a lot of boathouses and boat racing out on the river. Very cute.

    1. Looks like you and your Mom had a great time! The last road trip I took was this past weekend over the fourth to North Platte, which is about four hours away from us. The last “real” vacation I took was to San Fran last summer, but I leave in just four days for Costa Rica!!

    1. We leave in the morning but have explored Breckenridge, CO like we never have before, it has been an amazing and awesome trip!

      And this is a road trip as well, because it is 7 hours from home.

      My hubs enjoyed looking at the Red Wing pictures that you posted.

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