Mizuno Inspire 7s

June 8, 2011

Today was the first day since my summer vacation started nearly 3 weeks ago that I finally felt I had a little more freedom.

Up until today, I’ve had a to-do list a mile long, appointments, workouts to complete, errands to run, etc. Now don’t get me wrong, I have thoroughly enjoyed doing these things, but today really felt like a vacation day (more or less)! 🙂

We are having some pretty nice weather to boot, so I can’t complain. Definitely no humidity here!



I realized today that I have not reviewed my most current pair of running shoes. I have actually been running in them for a while, so now I can give a full, honest assessment of them.

Mizuno Inspire 7


If you remember, I picked out these shoes for my birthday as a gift from Craig.

I had previously run in the Mizuno Inpsire 6 and liked them, so I gave the 7s a try.


Let’s make one thing clear: the 7s do not fit the same as the 6s.

While it may seem like the newer model would fit the same—or at least close—I actually find that most updated models are quite a bit different than their predecessor. This means that just because you loved the older model, the newer model might (probably will) be different!

Shoe companies are always updating their shoes and trying to make them better.


What I do love about the Inspire 7s:

– my heel does not slip out.

I often have a problem with my heel slipping out of the shoe because I wear orthotics, so I always appreciate a shoe that has a deep enough heel cup for my orthotics.


I generally find that Mizunos are lighter-weight and not heavy or bulky compared to other brands/models. (This can be a good or a bad thing.)

I like the fact they are light-weight and feel responsive, but I also find this means I can’t put as many miles on them. I know I will be able to get 500 miles out of them but probably not much more. (Compare that to these Asics Kayano 16s that I pushed to 800 miles without getting injured.)


What I don’t like about them:

– the toe box is too small.

I have found that Mizuno shoes tend to run a half size smaller than other running shoes which leaves my toes cramped in the toe box. I have tried a half size larger but then other areas of the shoe do not fit very well.

If I wear a really thin pair of socks I am okay, but if I wear a thicker pair of socks, my toes touch the front part of the toe box and rub against the shoe.


Overall, I think they are a great pair of shoes; I’ve really grown to like them. However, I would be hesitant to buy them again mainly because of the toe box.



What is the make and model of your current running shoes?

If you aren’t a runner: what’s the weather like where you live?

    1. I am all over the place with running shoes. I wear Nike’s, but I want to venture out and try different brands. I just don’t want to spend the money.

      Those shoes look pretty nifty though.

    1. I’m a Vibram’s girl. (I wear the KSO) I used to wear Adidas all the time, but I switched to Vibram’s last summer and have loved them. I went back to wearing my Adidas for a week in January and came out of it with an injured knee. I also think they’re great for traveling because they’re so compact.

      They really suck for cold weather, though. SmartWool now makes toe socks so I might try some next winter. I’ll also be in a warmer climate next winter (!) so I may not need them. Still, I’ve had quite a few winter runs with frozen toes.

      1. I never thought about those people who wear Vibrams what they would do in the winter!?!? Yikes!

    1. Dad says he just buys whats on sale at “The Man’s Mall” (Fleet Farm)

      The weather in Minnesota.
      Tuesday, June 8 – high temperature of 102 degrees, very humid, very, very windy.
      Wednesday, June 9 – high temperature about 78 degrees. Nice, sunny, comfortable day.
      Tree fell on tractor
      Friday the high is only supposed to be in the 60’s.

      1. I cannot believe the difference between Tuesday and Wednesday’s temperature?!?!

    1. I just began running earlier this year for the first time in my life. I bought a pair of Mizuno Wave Elixir 6’s; and I am enjoying them.

      Monday and Tuesday we were way over 100, but yesterday was in the mid 90’s. We don’t deal with much humidity and are in a drought desperate for moisture.

    1. I rotate through two pairs of shoes…usually I just run in Asics, but since the start of 2011 I have been running in brooks Ghost 3 and Asics 2150. I love the brooks because they are light and have made my foot stronger because they are more of a minimalist shoe. I use the asics for my easy runs and/or runs where I know I will get dirty and I want to keep my brooks nicer since I race in those.

      1. I have yet to try Brooks Ghost. I think I’ll check those out the next time I see them.

    1. I’m on my 4th or so pair of Asics GT-2150s. I LOVE them. Asics recently updated them to the 2160 model, but I’m sort of afraid to change. It’s getting harder to find the 2150s though, so it’s probably inevitable. I wear orthotics in my shoes too, and the Asics have really helped my avoid injury (knock on wood). When I was fitted for them a couple years ago, I found out I had been wearing shoes that were at least a size too small! I didn’t realize toes need space!

    1. I have always ran in Asics, but I have considered investing in a pair of Mizunos. I also would like to try out some of the Nike Frees, but as of now my paychecks won’t cover any new running shoes, gotta love a teacher’s salary.
      The weather where I am has been HOT! Around 98 degrees this entire week, now today it dropped down all the way to 70…a nice break!

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