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June 6, 2011

While Craig and I are getting ready in the morning, we always have the radio tuned to KASH Country 107.5. We really enjoy listening to the morning DJs and the “baffle” question of the day.

The DJs have some sort of statistic and people call in to try and guess what the answer is.

This morning, the question was:

Getting a higher paying job is the #1 thing American wives would change if given the chance. What is #2?

I thought it might be their weight. Craig said where they live. (He was speaking from personal experience.)

The actual answer: marry a different man.

Pretty sad, huh? I’m glad I’m not in this boat. It might be kind of clique since our 3rd wedding anniversary is tomorrow?!?!

Apparently a survey conducted by Family Circle said that 61% of American wives would change something about their life. Here are the top 5 things they would change:

1. Get a higher-paying job

2. Marry a different man

3. Marry later in life.

4. Have more kids.

5. Have kids at an earlier age.

I thought these things were very interesting. Especially #4 and #5. Maybe some moms out there can comment on whether they find these things true!


After getting back from my run this morning, I stretched, showered, and then packed myself a lunch, so I surprised Craig at work by having lunch with him!

Now that I am on summer break, I usually have lunch 1-2 time with him at work. We pack our own lunches (vs. going out for lunch) and just talk and hang out while having lunch. It is definitely a highlight of my day!

Usually we plan ahead of time when we are going to do lunch, but I surprised him today! 🙂

My lunch: turkey sandwich + rice chips + apple + carrots


After our lunch date, I ran a couple of errands.

First stop: Kohl’s to return an item.


And then to Target to pick up a few essentials.


I snapped this picture of the mountains from the Target parking lot.

Whenever I travel to the east side of town (and closer to the mountains), I am always amazed at their beauty! They are truly beautiful! (This picture does not do justice!)


    1. #2 is very sad. :/ Numbers 3 and 5 are especially interesting! Get married later but have kids younger? So not as many “alone time together” years, huh?

      Those mountains really are beautiful. 🙂

    1. #2 is so sad 🙁 i hate stats like that, but unfortunately i’ve heard people say it before… not me though! thankfully. 🙂

    1. Those mountains make me miss snowboarding! So pretty!

      I’m not married (yet), but I don’t think I will feel that way if I marry my current partner-in-crime at all. 😉 I wish he and I could have lunches together. He works 30 min south of our place and I work about 10 min north. Boo.

    1. Wow, that’s a really depressing survey! I’m hoping the demographic sample they surveyed is not really representative of the population as a whole.

    1. #2 definitely makes me sad, though #5 makes me feel a bit better about wanting to be a mom! Everyone always seems to say wait – but who exactly is everyone?

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