Marathon #2

May 1, 2011

Here I come marathon #2!!

After much contemplation, I have decided to run Mayor’s Marathon (here in Anchorage, AK) on Saturday, June 18.

Okay, so I haven’t made it official by actually signing up for the race yet, but it is official when I blog about it, right??

I have known since my first marathon that I wanted to run another one! It was just a matter of figuring out when and where.

I would have loved to run a marathon this winter but living in Alaska doesn’t make that too feasible. I could have run a marathon last August, but since I had just ran my first marathon two months prior, I knew that wouldn’t be the smartest move, so I had to wait until this summer to do another one.

I have been training all winter long with the intention of running a marathon this spring/summer, so even though this marathon will be here in less than 50 days, I am not worried about the training for it since I have been training for it all along. This also explains why I ran 17 miles yesterday. 😉


I have been wanting to try one of Ashley’s Buckwheat Bakes for a long time now, but I have had no luck finding buckwheat in Anchorage, so I resorted to her Oatmeal Breakfast Bake this morning.

I didn’t know quite what to expect, but overall it was good—not great, just good.

It was pretty dry, so I had to have a glass of milk with it. I also think I either added too much cinnamon or too much all-spice because it had kind of a funky aftertaste to it.

I would be interested in making it again using buckwheat and possibly adding fresh berries to it or cocoa powder! 🙂

Today was a beautiful, sunny day with some relaxing for me but also lots of productivity:

– baking

– cooking

– cleaning

– blog reading

– talking to my family

– staying in my pajamas far too long

– watching my sister graduate from college from 3000 miles away. I watched the live feed on the internet, but I wish I could have been there to celebrate with her! 🙁



What was the highlight of your weekend?

    1. congrats on marathon #2! well, planning for it at least. 🙂 i’ve heard that’s a good marathon. i decided today to sign up for marathon #3 in the fall…and my husband is gonna run it too! i’m pumped!

      1. Have you seriously heard Mayor’s Marathon is a good one? Because I am not that excited about the course actually: 4 miles along a busy highway, 8 miles on a rocky trail, and very little fan support.

        That’s awesome your husband is going to run one with you!! I would die of happiness if my husband ever committed to running a marathon!!

    1. Super exciting! I can’t wait to hear about your Marathon!

      The highlight of my weekend was sun, though it is supposed to start raining again tomorrow =(

      1. My parents said it was snowing in MN yesterday!??! Seriously, what is up with this crappy weather?

    1. I’m excited to follow your marathon training! You get so many miles on a non-training week, it only makes sense for you to do the race and reap the race day glory!

    1. Good luck to you on your next marathon!! The oat cake looks pretty good, might have to try it. Highlight of my weekend would be just taking it easy Saturday night with a glass of wine and a good movie 🙂

      1. If you do make the oat breakfast bake, I would recommend following a different recipe; I wasn’t that happy with how it tasted. KERF has a couple of ones that I’m interested in trying!

    1. Ohhhhh how exciting it is official if you blog about it!! The best part of my weekend was moving out of my old townhome. I was so ready to be out.

    1. It seemed like you were preparing for something big! The best part of training with high mileage all winter is that marathon training doesn’t seem so daunting. I haven’t written about it yet, but I’m doing the same thing! You’re going to do awesome!

      1. I definitely keep running year-round so that I am in-shape and can run a race “at the drop of a hat” basically. Plus I love it!

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