Visions of Oatmeal Bowls

April 29, 2011

Thank you SO MUCH for all the wonderful comments and advice on my A Dilemma post!

It is comforting knowing that I am not the only one who is/was in a similar situation!

I don’t want to give the impression that my husband is the bad guy. He does feel awful that I am not happy, and there is a move in the talks. I just don’t know for sure when, and until that time I have to learn to cope.


It was so good to get out this morning and clear my head from yesterday’s dilemma. Some of your comments (those I had read before heading out) were also fresh on my mind.

I did a nice, easy 5-miler in preparation for tomorrow’s long run.

Distance: 5 miles

Time: 41 minutes

Weather: 42*, cloudy, a few sprinkles here and there

While out running, visions of a delicious, creamy bowl of oatmeal danced in my head. 🙂

Pretty much my standard bowl of oatmeal:

Scottish oatmeal + milk + water + banana + chia seeds + vanilla extract + dash of salt

With a plump topping of peanut butter, banana, and strawberries on top!

Lunch was a delicious salad with a ton of different toppings.

Pretty much an “everything-but-the-kitchen-sink-salad.”

I also had a container of Fage Greek yogurt.

Fage makes a great Greek yogurt, and I love these containers with the mix-in!

The bluberry-acai mix-in was great, but I could have bought a jar of blueberry jam, added it to the yogurt, and been just as satisfied.

After a very stressful day at work, I got into my car, turned the radio off, and sat in silence most of the way home.

I’ve been doing this more and more because after being in a gym with 20-25 yelling and screaming kids, all I want is peace and quiet!


This was actually not my dinner tonight. I just didn’t get a chance to blog about it before.

Craig and I made these sandwiches the other night, and they will definitely be making an appearance in our kitchen again! They were phenomenal!

Any time I see a recipe on Jenna’s bog, I know I’m in for a special treat! And her recipe for this Gaullois Sandwich did not disappoint!

I started by using French baguette bread and layering it with black forest ham + brie + sun dried tomatoes.

After broiling it in the oven, I then topped my sandwich with pecans, fresh parsley, olive oil, and a fresh squeeze of lemon.

Finally, I added a little romaine lettuce, and it is complete!


I hope your have a splendid weekend!

    1. Michelle! I just read your Dilemma post, and I totally understand. I moved down to Seward last fall for work and am not at all happy. I’ve tried to adapt but it’s just not my kind of place. It’s too small, too isolated and the fresh fruits and veggies selection really sucks.
      Everyone tells me how lucky I am to live here, how the trails are so great, how the bay is so great, etc.
      But it rains all the time and the trails are always mushy and yes, it is beautiful; each day I marvel at the beauty. It’s like being with a man just because he’s good looking. After a while, you need more than beauty. You need common interests. You need something that pulls at your heart.

      Good luck with your decision. I know you and Craig will work something out. And thanks for your honesty. I’ve really been beating myself up for not being happier in Seward. Reading your post made me realize that there’s nothing wrong with me, I just don’t fit here.
      (Ironically, Anchorage is my “ideal” place, hee, hee.)

      Cheers and happy, happy

      1. Oh wow! I couldn’t imagine living in Seward! I never thought about the lack of fresh produce!

        I like the comparison of being with a man who is just pretty to look at! 😉

        I could only imagine that after living in Seward, Anchorage would seem ten times better!

    1. I do that too. I get in my car in the morning or afternoon and don’t even touch the radio. Sometimes I don’t even realize it.

    1. I have never put strawberries in my oatmeal before but I think I am going to start. That looks way good!

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