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February 21, 2011

Despite not having to work today, I somehow couldn’t sleep any later than 6:15 this morning. I actually woke up at 5 a.m. and debated about getting up but decided that was WAY too early, so I went back to bed.

Craig and I had plans to grab breakfast before he went and spent the day with his dad. We have been wanting to try the breakfast menu at Middle Way Cafe in Anchorage, so that’s where we ventured this morning.

I love the hippy, organic feel inside. . . maybe I’m a granola-cruncher at heart. 😉

The breakfast menu wasn’t huge but included your breakfast standards: eggs, omelets, burritos, French toast, etc.

Very appropriate Alaska decor. . . . . a salmon.

The last time we went to Middle Way we saw Drew Barrymore standing at the counter off to the right!!

We loved the Inner Balance smoothie last time, so we ordered it again! So delish!

I always enjoy spending time with this guy. . . . including all his goofiness.

I guess I’m not much better. (I spent a lot of time getting ready this morning as you can see.)

We were so ravenous that we forgot to take pictures before we devoured half of our plates.

I had the Blueberry French Toast, which was ahhh-mazing!!

Craig got the Huevos Rancheros. . . .his breakfast stand-by. I had a few bites as well, and while it was good, I preferred my plate of sugar! 🙂

Craig wasn’t super impressed either. His favorite huevos rancheros are found at Cup and Saucer Cafe in Portland, OR.

Today was all about baking, laundry, cleaning, prepping for the week, and a little relaxing.

Today’s accomplishments: I

– talked to my mom on the phone

– made coconut macaroons

– did 5 loads of laundry

– made hollandaise sauce following this recipe

– made Curried Chicken Salad for our lunches this week

and in between I relaxed after my 14 mile run yesterday by reading a lot of blogs. 🙂

Late this afternoon, Craig and I went to a Hot Flow Fusion class at Anchorage Yoga.

This was our second time going to this type of class, and this time the class was a little more “power” intense and strength building rather than stretching. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I was wanting a good session of stretching after my long run yesterday, so next time I will have to pick a different style.



What kind of foods do you order for breakfast when you go out?

    1. I always get fresh fruit crepes or banana granola pancakes! I love productive days!

    1. I usually don’t go out for breakfast unless I’m traveling. I always want to eat immediately when I wake up! But when I do go out my ideal breakfast is a large coffee and a freshly-baked everything bagel with cream cheese from a bagel shop.

    1. John and I love going on breakfast dates. They’re so fun!

      I used to live in Portland, OR, but never went to the Cup n Saucer. I must have been missing out if they have his favorite breakfast item there!

      When I go out for breakfast, I almost always order a whole wheat pancake of some sort because I’m a pancake fiend. But I also like scrambled eggs, omelets and dry toast with seedy jam.

      Have a great Tuesday!

    1. I almost always order french toast with a side of something (sometimes bacon, sometimes hash, etc). French toast is one of my favorite things in the world so I can almost never resist it. So good.

    1. I like savory breakfasts more than sweet – I love huevos rancheros!!! Craig needs to try them at our favorite breakfast spot in Bellingham!

    1. I rarely ever go out to breakfast. I think it has to do with the fact that on the weekend i sleep in pretty late! I usually order pancakes as a splurge and enjoy every bite!

    1. i like to order savory breakfasts when i go out to eat. don’t get me wrong, i love my plates ‘o sugar but i can easily make good waffles/pancakes at home (not always french toast though…), but omelets are better at restaurants i think! i can’t wait to hear what you think of the hollandaise sauce- i’ve been thinking about making my own but haven’t yet 🙂

      1. That is definitely true–I can make better pancakes than omelets. The hollandaise sauce was pretty time intensive, and I accidentally doubled the amount of lemon, so we shall see how it tastes.

    1. We usually only go out for breakfast on vacation, but when we do I want some serious waffles or pancakes! My favorite are IHop’s Harvest Nut and Grain pancakes. My husband always takes me here after races! 🙂

    1. […] After last night’s session at the gym and 11 miles yesterday, I was a little on the sluggish side for this morning’s run. It definitely wasn’t the worst run of my life, but I was feeling the effects from yesterday and Monday’s yoga session. […]

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