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February 16, 2011

I don’t consider myself a very “techy” person, but thanks to the Internet, you can pretty much figure anything out! 🙂

For the longest time, I have never known how people “took a picture” of a web page–or a portion of a web page–and pasted it in their post like Kath did below:

But now I know!!

Here’s how it is done: (This is for a Mac! Can someone tell me if it is different for a PC?)

In order to take a picture the entire screen–like I did above, press:

Command + Shift + 3

To take a picture of just a certain part of the screen, press:

Command + Shift + 4 –> then drag to select the area you want


Both “pictures” were dropped onto my desktop to do what I wanted from there.

I love learning new things and am so excited to be able to use this more! 🙂


I try to avoid talking about my weight (or weight-related topics in general) because it just seems to be so controversial, but I loved Skinny Runner’s post today on how as runners, we honestly cannot eat whatever we want, all the time!!

Yes, I’ve been the one to say, “I run so I can eat”–and we can probably splurge a little more here and there–but honestly, I have to be very disciplined about what I eat in order to maintain my weight.

I’ll also be honest in saying I’ve actually dropped 5 pounds since this last summer/fall. This wasn’t absolutely necessary (I was already a healthy weight.), but it has only aided in my running.

If I compare my height to elite runners, I am now very close to their weight. I don’t want to come across as being better than anyone but just to say that in order for the weight loss to happen, I really had to be strict about what I ate. And please don’t think I developed an eating disorder or went about it the wrong way–I definitely still had 4-5 small meals a day and a daily dessert! 🙂


What was one new thing you learned today?

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    1. Ross just taught me how to take a screen shot a couple days ago!!!!

      Today, I learned that Box Tops for Education only appear on 4 fresh produce items.

    1. I have a Mac for personal use (and use the steps you put in your post), but I use a desktop PC for work – and there is a Print Screen key above the number pad on the keyboard. I work for a software company and am telling people how to take screenshots on their PCs all day long. 🙂 For a PC if you hit ALT + Print Screen, you get just the active window – or the one “on top”. This would also not include the toolbars along the top/bottom. If you hit CTRL + Print Screen you get whatever is on the entire screen. 🙂

    1. thanks for the shoutout. i want to know how to do the screen shot on a pc too!

    1. I hate when people assume because you are a runner you can eat whatever you want. Actually we have to watch our weight more because those extra pounds really hold you back.

    1. i just learned how to take a picture of a webpage. 🙂

      it is true, we can’t eat whatever we want, whenever we want it. i’d read that weight is really about 70% diet and 30% exercise. in fact, when i’m not running i end up losing a few pounds because i’m not eating as much! unforunately, it’s not as fun though. :p

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