Alaskan Salmon

February 9, 2011

Having lived in Alaska for 3.5 years now, fresh, wild-caught salmon is abundant and at my fingertips any time I please.

So much so I have actually grown tired of salmon! Gasp, I know, right? Once a fish that I enjoyed is now a food I’ve overdosed on and really don’t care for anymore.

However, there is one way in which I still don’t mind salmon–at least too much:

Salmon Chowder

Creamy and full of delicious flavors! I think the dill weed makes it a stand-out.

Winter is definitely the time of the year when people are making soups up the wazoo, but I had a little chuckle when I looked back at the recipe post and saw that I first made this in July. . . in the middle of summer!!

Summer in Alaska doesn’t get that hot, so it didn’t really surprise me I was trying to warm up with some soup in the middle of summer. That was probably also the day I turned our heat on!!

My mid-morning snack:

For lunch, a hefty salad to go along with some salmon chowder.

mixed greens + mushrooms + red pepper + celery + nutritional yeast dressing

I was not happy I had to use a spork to eat my salad with.


I have not been sleeping well this past week (read: stressed) and the past two nights Craig has come home after I’ve gone to bed, which has woken me up because I’m a light sleeper.

Somehow, miraculously though, I haven’t been super tired when my alarm has gone off in the morning. However, I definitely have not been feeling so hot on my runs, which is probably a sign of fatigue.

I somehow managed to plod through 7 miles this morning; I’m not sure what kept me going though.

I’m thinking I might take the morning off and try running after school tomorrow instead. We shall see. Maybe an evening on the couch will give my legs and body the rest they need.



What food item have you grown tired of?

    1. mmm, that’s a tough one. I rarely grow tired of anything. But, I would probably say Progresso tomato soup. I ate it every day last year for lunch and now it kind of grosses me out. I’ll only eat it if it’s my last resort.

    1. Wow, I envy your salmon fatigue! But I can relate, every time I make a big pot of just about anything – soup, chili, beans – it seems like a good idea at the time but I get sick of it after three or four bowls.

    1. I love the look on your face in this blog. You look like your ready to teach.

    1. granola bars are one food thing i’m pretty sick of. i got tired of them in HS after eating them for snacks/after CC or track meets, then re-tried them in college and ate them off and on. now the thought of granola bars grosses me out!

      1. Me too! I’ll occasionally buy some, take a bite of one, and then think “yuck, why did I just buy these?”

    1. Right now ive grown tired of chicken. It is so weird since it is usually a staple for me but for some reason its not appealing lately.

    1. I LOVE salmon! You are so lucky to have it 😉

      I guess I would have to agree with Sarah, I am def tired of granola bars. I went on a Kashi TLC bar binge a few month back and stocked up at Costco….and then ate one-two a day. Ugh- no more!

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