Heat Wave

January 3, 2011

We’re having a heatwave. . . a tropical heatwave. 😀

It was a balmy 35 degrees this morning during my run!!! I couldn’t believe it, and I was definitely loving it! I felt SO good–no stiff, tight muscles; no bitter cold air in my lungs; and no red skin!! 🙂 Wonderful, absolutely wonderful!

The only downside is that I know it won’t last long, and we are bound to get at least 2-3 more cold snaps before spring comes in about. . . oh . . . May!!

I felt the extra spring in my step this morning during my 8-mile run because of the milder temperatures. However, it was SUPER slippery in some areas!! I definitely almost wiped out but managed to stay on my feet the whole time! I finished my run in 1:06.


Today it was back to the grind of teaching, but thankfully the kids were pretty good. They all commented about my “new” hair. While most liked the darker color, a few said they preferred me blonde. Kids can be so cute sometimes.


Craig had the day off, so he was in charge of making dinner.

He has a handful of dishes he makes that I love, and Kale Tacos happen to be one of them!


Love all the veggies in these!


I haven’t been feeling the best, so I’m sipping on some Theraflu tonight.



Tonight starts the one and only TV show I watch: The Bachelor! I seriously cannot sit down and watch TV, but when it is The Bachelor(ette), I will have my gluteus parked on the couch in no time.


As much of a fan I am, I somehow missed the season Brad was on!! Oh well, I’m excited for this season nonetheless.



What’s the weather like where you are? (I’m always intrigued by what kind of weather other parts of the country/world are having. Maybe I should have been a meteorologist!)

    1. This morning (Jan. 4) it is -8 (no wind). Yesterday the high was 20. We had some big flakes of snow falling down slowly. It was pretty to see the snow fall. The rest of this week the highs are forecasted to be in the teens. Last week a couple of days it was 34 degrees and some of the snow melted and we chopped the ice off the sidewalk and roof of the patio. Last Saturday it was really cold and we saw “sundogs” in the sky. They were really bright and pretty. Send the warmer weather our way.

    1. Wow that is a heat wave for you! It was a cool 42 degrees today in Dallas this morning 🙂 Those Kale tacos look awesome. I can’t even convince my husband to try kale, much less cook with it!

    1. Well at recess duty today, it was a sunny, windy 35 degrees!

    1. Guess what?!? I watched the Bachelor on Monday night!

      1. Ha! Ha! That’s funny because I only ended up seeing segments of it because we first watched How I Met Your Mother and then Craig and I started talking. I’m going to try watching it online this weekend though.

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