First Snowfall!

November 2, 2010

We officially have snow on the ground!

Not a lot, but actually there was more on the ground this morning. However, since the temperature got up to 40 degrees today, quite a bit of it melted.

As much as I despise running in the winter, I hate the dreadmill (a.k.a. treadmill) even more, so outside I went at 5 a.m. this morning for a 4 mile run.

Thoughts about my run:

– I forgot how light it actually is in the morning. Even though it is pitch dark, all of the light reflects off the snow and literally lights up the neighborhoods. So it doesn’t appear all that dark!

– It was SO quiet on my run! There was hardly anyone out, considering it was 5 a.m., but I forgot how much the snow muffles the sound of traffic as well. It was very peaceful!

– At the beginning of my run, I felt like I was in a snow globe!

– I hate when the snow balls/chunks (it was more chunky than flaky this morning 😉 ) pelt me in my eyeballs!

– I was glad the snow wasn’t too deep though!

– I was also glad the snow wasn’t sticky and didn’t build up on the bottom of my shoes.

– It definitely felt longer than 4 miles though.

– I don’t like how much slower I run in the winter. There are several reasons for this: lack of traction, it’s colder, and many times I am trudging through the snow.

But with all that said, as always, I am thankful I can run and never regret going for a run! 😀



Oh, baby, there are delish! I loved the mocha, almond, and chocolate combination. It tasted like some sort of dessert!


Craig was kind enough to make dinner tonight. 🙂

He cooked some brats that we had in the freezer and topped them with a variety of toppings.

I don’t like most brats, but these were locally raised and the difference was definitely noticeable! Way better than most store-bought brats.

I topped mine with saurkraut, onions, relish, mustard, and ketchup. It tasted so good in the crusty sourdough bun. (I only ate half of the bun.)

This was Craig’s brat topped with all the fixings plus cheese!

Both Craig and I took the day off from work tomorrow! Stay tuned to see why?!?!


Do you continue to workout outside in the winter, or do you take cover indoors?

    1. I love how you described your morning run, because (minus the snow you have), mine are so similar. It’s dark, but somehow it’s not, and it’s so blissfully quiet. I feel like I’m violating the peace when I listen to my headphones!

      I definitely keep running outside in the winter as much as I can, though one of my biggest fears is slipping on black ice and getting injured.

    1. Michelle!
      We got 2 inches last Thursday and went hiking on Saturday in Hatchers Pass there were already skiers out. Yesterday I took the dog on her first “winter run” we got 2 more inches Tuesday the run was definitely longer. I felt like i was running on the beach (minus the heat). Your lucky to run at 5am. We have NO street lights here its pitch black, except the stars shine so brightly I wouldn’t trade it. So I’ve been running in the afternoon which is nice because its like 40 degrees over 17. Overall I enjoy running in the winter I find it more challenging meaning a bigger felt reward at the end of it all.

    1. i totally love working out in the winter outside. if it’s really bad i’ll go indoors (p.s. love the term “dreadmill”- that’s how i feel about it too!) but i hate it. going inside is better than getting injured though… we have a running path near our apt that we run on most of the time and in the winter they plow it, which is really nice.

      1. I’m jealous you love workout out during the winter. I definitely do not. I think it is mostly because of the road’s surface being icy/wet/slushy/snow-covered/etc.

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