Still a Win

October 29, 2010

Yeah for date nights!

Usually Craig spends Friday evenings with his dad, but he decided to spend it with me this week. 🙂

We decided to have a low-key date night ‘in’ with pizza and a movie.

I made up the pizza dough and while it was rising, we walked to the closest Red Box to rent a DVD. After some discussion and compromising, we decided on The Informant.

When we got back, I rolled out the crust and Craig piled the toppings on the pizza. (We each have our specialty. 😉 )

I had two pieces of pizza along with some roasted asparagus.

The pizza was just so-so. I tried a new recipe for the crust and it tasted like a soft piece of bread, so it wasn’t that great. I need to just go back to my tried and true recipe for KG’s Homemade Pizza Dough.

During the movie, I had a small glass of wine.

We also weren’t that impressed with the movie. It wasn’t the worst movie we’ve seen, but it wasn’t that exciting either. Plus I got pretty lost in the story line, which made it hard to follow along. Oh well, it was still a win because Craig and I got to spend the evening together!


One thing that did turn out amazing was this baked tofu I made up this afternoon.

I had leftover tofu from our Vegetable Pad Thai earlier in the week, so I followed Tina‘s recipe for French Toast Baked Tofu that I really wanted to try. How could I not make this sweet yet healthy creation?!?!

It was so good!! I tried making baked tofu a while back, but it didn’t turn out very good–not good at all. But this, this I will definitely be making again!

The sweetened, toasted coconut on the outside was like eating dessert. You must try!

I’m off to do a little reading before my eyelids become too heavy to keep open.


How did you spend your Friday evening?

    1. that french toast tofu looks great! we made french toast last night and then just hung out…nothing exciting, but it was a fun night.

    1. I spent my Friday night driving down to Jersey, nothing too exciting. Do you ever try cooking your dough without a topping first for 10-15 minutes? I find it makes it crisper in the end and doesn’t get soggy from the sauce and cheese.

    1. Watched “What Would You Do” on tv with the husband. I love relaxing after a long week of work. 🙂

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