Running in the Fall

September 2, 2010

I love running in the fall! I can honestly smell cross country in the air, and it brings back SO many good memories! So much so that I start to miss it A LOT! The only thing I don’t like about fall is that it means my least favorite season is just around the corner!! 🙁

Yesterday’s afternoon run was a picture-perfect fall run. I just wish my right arch wouldn’t have started hurting!! I started out feeling a little sluggish but within a minutes, I was feeling awesome! After 3 miles my arch starting hurting, so I figured I’d better turn around before I went any farther. I ended up running 6, wanted to go 8, would have gone 9 (since I started out feeling good), but probably should have only run 5. Shoulda, woulda, coulda. Oh well. I think I’ll take the day off today and hope it is all better tomorrow.

Sometimes all I want when I’m done running is a cold, sugary, carbonated beverage. I only drank half of it because I didn’t want to overdo it on the sugar.

This morning got started out with a lovely bowl of overnight oats. I usually use plain yogurt but switched it up with a container of peach Chobani. After professing my love for Chobani, do I dare say I might have ODed on it! (eek!) It is sad but kind of true.

This bowl of overnight oats with Chobani in it was a nice change from just eating the yogurt plain.

Loved this bowl of overnight oats–one of my best in a while! I think I’ll continue to chop my own almonds. They were much tastier than the prepackaged, sliced almonds.

Attention Anchorage locals!

101.3 KGOT sells $50 gift certificates for $25 through their Half Price Club.

They are currently offering gift certificates to the following places:

– Alaska Dance Promotions

– Artic Rose Gallery

– City Kitchen Express

– Grass Roots – A Fair Trade Store

– L&L Barbecue

– Meg Allen Salon (Aveda)

– Paris Bakery & Cafe

– Ruby’s

I just purchased a gift certificate to Meg Allen Salon. I was stoked to get a gift certificate valued at $50 for $25. Although, as an FYI, you do have to pay $3.75 for shipping. (I was a little bummed about that.)

I am thinking about getting a gift certificate to City Kitchen Express. Has anyone been there or heard anything about it?

    1. i am so with you on the smell of XC in the air! oh man i miss it so much. especially HS XC. college was okay but HS XC was the best! i’d go back to HS again just to run XC 🙂

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