August 20, 2010

We’ve finally had sunshine for the past two days, which makes me a happy camper! !! There have been A LOT of gray skies this summer, so this change of scenery definitely lifts my mood!! Plus it’s Friday!! 😀

I am still trying to figure out how blogging will integrate into my working schedule, so bear with me as I adjust to my new routine now that school has started. I would like to blog twice a day, but I, unfortunately, don’t know if I can spare the extra time. And instead of showing everything that I eat, I might just highlight a new food item or new recipe rather than the showing the same bowl of cereal or sandwich every day.

I did have this Nature’s Path Organic Optimum Orange Chocolate bar for a mid-morning snack. I really enjoyed this bar–the chocolate and orange flavors were both distinct and wonderful together. Plus it didn’t tire my jaw out like Clif bars are known to do.

Today I am featuring a kitchen gadget both Craig and I use all the time! Some of you may already know about the wonderful Misto.

The Misto is filled with your choice of oil (olive oil for us) and then used as you would a nonstick cooking spray. The great thing is that there are no added ingredients in it–just plain old olive oil!

To use, you simply use the cover to add pressure to the can, press the nozzle down, and spray. We use it all the time to spray muffin tins, baking dishes, skillets, or anything that you would normally use a nonstick spray on.

We bought this kitchen gadget at Bed Bath and Beyond for about $12 (I believe). The one listed here is only $9.99, but everything in Alaska is more. grrrrrr

I don’t have plans that are set-in-stone for this weekend, but I will be sure to fill you in on anything interesting!


What is your favorite kitchen gadget?

    1. My favorite kitchen gadget is the Magic Bullet… it’s my best friend in the whole kitchen! It never fails me when it comes time for smoothies 🙂

    1. I have the Misto as well and really like it. I think my favorite kitchen gadget would be out KitchenAid mixer. It makes everything quickly.

    1. […] I tried a Nature’s Path Organic Blueberry, Flax, and Soy bar. I was pleasantly surprised by the last Nature’s Path bar I had, so the stakes were high. Thankfully this one was a winner as well! The blueberry flavoring […]

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