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August 19, 2010

I knew it!! As soon as school started, the sun would start to shine–and that is exactly what happened yesterday!! Okay, so it was cloudy during the majority of the day, but it was nice to get some sunshine in the morning and evening!!

I was quite hungry all day yesterday. These are a few other snacks I had.

When I got home after school yesterday, I went for another 3 mile run. It was short and sweet–and so nice to run in the sun!

Yesterday’s dinner was quick and easy since Craig wasn’t home.

Yogurt Bowl

– plain yogurt

– chia seeds

– 1/2 banana

– frozen blueberries

– agave nectar

– dried coconut

– peanut butter

Pretty for the picture.

What it looks like before I eat it!

I also had a handful of pretzels for my salt craving.

I wanted to feature a tool I use to keep track of my running workouts. Ever since college, I’ve been documenting how much I run each day, the duration, and how I feel. I like keeping track of my workouts so I can then go back and check my mileage trends over the past few months, how I felt on a particular day, or my splits from a previous track workout.

This is what I currently use to track my workouts. I bought this on Amazon (because it was the cheapest) for about $10 (maybe a little more).

Here’s what can be recorded each day. When the book is open, entries for Monday – Friday are displayed on the left hand side and then Saturday, Sunday, and a large memo box are on the right side.

Here’s an example of some entries I did while training for my marathon.

Each two-page display there is also helpful nutrition advice,

quotes, and

a tip of the week.

TGIAF!! (Thank Goodness It’s Almost Friday) It feels like Friday today. The days have been busy, but the week overall seems to be lasting a lot longer than normal.


When you’re the only one eating, do you make something quick and easy or take time to prepare something?

I wish I had motivation to prepare something better, but frankly when it is just me, I don’t take the time to making anything special: sandwich, cereal, yogurt bowl, etc.

    1. I make something quick and easy — most of the time it is warming up leftovers.

    1. […] but I did realize that I am running faster than I did last winter, so I am happy about that. I keep a log of every run I do—jotting down a few sentences each day as to how the run went. Yesterday I took a look at my […]

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