Saturday’s Long Run

July 31, 2010

Saturdays are almost always devoted to my long run of the week. I sleep in a little, eat some breakfast, work on a few random things, and then get out the door before any afternoon plans we may have. It works well with my schedule, so I continue to follow it.

Before heading out the door, some Special K cereal with soymilk.

And toast with almond butter.

(Yes, these are repeat pictures because Craig has the camera.)

Craig couldn’t join me for my long run today, which I was bummed about, but this meant I didn’t have to push myself while he rode his bike. I ran a familiar route and enjoyed the time to myself. I don’t listen to music while I run, so my thoughts are all I have. I like it this way.

I was feeling good until about half-way through before my stomach started to hurt. I literally developed hunger pains which stuck with me for the next 30 minutes until they subsided for only a short while. In the past, I haven’t needed anything to eat or drink unless I start getting close to a 2-hour run, so I thought I’d be fine today. However, I waited 2.5 hours after eating breakfast before I made it out the door and that was just too long.

The last half hour was a little tough, but I just kept at it until I reached 11 miles. Total time: 1:35.

When I finished, I quickly made myself a Strawberry Banana Protein Smoothie and enjoyed its cool, sweet taste that was much more appealing than something solid.

After eating and showering, my body started feeling quite sluggish and beat. All afternoon, I’ve–more or less–had to force myself to eat because nothing has sounded appealing, but I know I need the calories.

I’ve taken it easy this afternoon with some blog reading, resting on the couch, and finishing 50/50 by Dean Karnazes, which was amazing!! I love autobiographies–especially when I can really relate to them. If you are a passionate runner–or enjoy reading running-related books–I highly recommend this one!

I plan on highlighting different parts of this book in future posts because I personally found this book very inspirational!

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