Bear Paw 5K


Bear Paw 5K 2013 – Race Recap

Today I saw a dead bear as I was driving to the Bear Paw 5K in Eagle River, ran the 5K, ran 19 more miles after that, drank hot water because I was too thirsty to care, and enjoyed every minute of it. What an absolutely beautiful day it was. If summer was always like this, maybe I wouldn't complain about the weather so much. A perfect day to run a 5K. (This picture does not do justice.) I gotโ€ฆ

Summer 2013 Race Schedule & Goals

Run this morning:Distance: 4 milesTime: 32 minutesWeather: Awesome!Comments: Legs felt like lead, but I still was able to maintain a decent pace---and plus the weather was beautiful, so I'm not going to complain.Summer is really the only time there are races to be run up here, which means I have to take advantage of it and run as many different races as possible. I enjoy running all distances, so I will be running everything from the 5K to the marathon.โ€ฆ

Bear Paw 5K

Nothing like signing up to run a race the night before at 10 PM. I'm so indecisive!! Saturday morning I raced the Bear Paw 5K, and I am happy to say I PRed and broke 20 minutes!! So exciting! And this was all in the midst of a 60 mile week for me. :) That means I have broken my PR in the marathon, half-marathon, 10K (unofficially---in a training run), and now the 5K all within the last two months!!โ€ฆ