Training Log 12.5.16 – 12.11.16

I can actually write a post recapping my training this past week! Since my hip has been feeling good since the steroid injection I got a month ago, I have been able to log some actual miles. Other than Sunday, I had no pain all week, which makes me very happy. Sunday I did a longer run of 9 miles. It felt fine during the run, but it was sore and tight that afternoon. I knew the effects of theโ€ฆ

Getting Back into the Swing of Training. . . for Now

One month ago I had a steroid shot in my right hip prior to an MRI, which diagnosed me with a labral tear and cam impingement. The following three or so days my right hip was sore, but since then it has been as good as new! I have actually gotten back into the swing of training--for the time being. Unfortunately the effects from the steroid shot won't last forever. From what I've been told, the diminished pain could lastโ€ฆ

Christmas Tree Veggie Appetizer

I had the privilege to be recorded for another edition of Recipe Box through KTVA Channel 11's morning show Daybreak! (Here was our first TV segment.) Sierra and Rick, her "camera guy" came out to my house this morning to shoot some footage for an upcoming show. Sierra said she wanted me to make something holiday-themed, and my mind immediately went to an appetizer I've made multiple times over the years. I can't say it is too healthy, but itโ€ฆ