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How to Achieve the Perfect Sun-Kissed Summer Skin

I don't know about you guys, but I am done with this winter stuff and ready to move onto warmer weather! I can't help but get excited for morning runs in the daylight, fun summer clothes, and that perfect sun-kissed skin. Let's talk about achieving that glowing summer skin because that's about all I have control of right now. My first purchase from Beautycounter was their Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer. I had heard rave reviews about it, and I couldn'tโ€ฆ

My Favorite Spring Running Clothes

It's time to start thinking about spring running! I'm tired of the snow, so I'm going to pretend there really isn't several feet of snow still on the ground. Ha! I'm dreaming about spring runs: bird chirping, the smell of blossoming trees, dry pavement, and less clothes. Oh, I cannot wait for less clothes and only one layer to put on in the morning. Here are some of my favorite running clothes to wear as we transition into spring: chillyโ€ฆ

Running Shoe Review: Saucony Peregrine ICE+

I spend nearly 6 months running on snow and ice, so I want a shoe that is going to give me good traction and make my experience running in these conditions as enjoyable as possible. When I first moved to Anchorage 9 years ago, I wore my regular road running shoes year-round. A few years later, a friend of mine introduced me to Yaktraxs. They helped with the traction on snow but the coils under your feet are not veryโ€ฆ