Welcome to my blog and a little snapshot of my life!


Me, Cullen, and Craig

I’m Michelle, and I am kind of obsessed about running. I have been running since I was 10 years old and ran through high school and college competitively. Now I run anything from the 5K to the marathon. I was a very average runner in high school and college (DIII), but with some dedication and very structured training plans I have become a much faster runner now–even post baby!

I was born and raised on a family farm (my parents have pigs, corn, and soybeans) in southern Minnesota. I went to college in Moorhead, MN at Concordia College where I earned my B.A. in physical education and health education. My husband and I met at a summer camp in Minnesota and then moved to Alaska in August 2007. Our son, Cullen, was born October 2014, and we also have a black lab-pit bull mix dog we adopted named Sadie.


I am currently employed at Skinny Raven Sports, the local running store in Anchorage. I love being able to talk about running, working with my friends, and not being strapped to a desk. In addition, I do online coaching for runners of all abilities. (If you are interested in my coaching services, check out my Coaching page.) I spent some time teaching physical education at the elementary and high school levels before changing careers. I am fortunate in that I am able to stay at home with Cullen during the week and then do my other two jobs on the weekends or from home.

My husband, Craig, makes frequent appearances on the blog as well. We were married on June 7, 2008 in Minnesota and rode on a hay wagon pulled by a John Deere tractor that took us down main street after the ceremony. Fun fact: the date of our wedding is 06-07-08 (which was not planned), and we started dating in 2006, got engaged in 2007, and married in 2008.

He is my best friend and makes me laugh all the time. We have a lot of fun together hiking, biking, going on coffee dates, traveling, and going for walks.


I love running! I am seriously addicted to running and can’t get enough of it.

I usually run six to seven days a week and race as often as I can–running anything from 5Ks to the marathon. I have run 8 marathons including the Boston Marathon in 2013. I have come a long way in just a few years, working my way up to 100 miles in a week, winning the 2013 Kenai River Marathon, and the Moose’s Tooth Marathon in 2015 at 9.5 months postpartum.

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I also consider myself a health nut. I love trying new recipes: baking and cooking things that taste good and are healthy for my family. I am not a vegetarian, despite what many people think. My diet consists of whole grain, vegetables, fruit, lean meats/proteins, and healthy fats. I enjoy a balanced diet and eat healthy 95% of the time.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the blog!