My 36th Birthday

March 6, 2019

Another year around the sun done and gone.

Sunday I celebrated my 36th birthday. It was a low-key day, spent with some of my favorite people, and I got to do all the things I wanted to do, so it was perfect!

In the morning, I met Whitney and Stephanie for a long-ish run of 11 miles. We ran one of my favorite loops through South Anchorage, and it is no longer completely dark at 7a.m., which is so nice. Whitney brought glow-sticks for everyone, and a little birthday crown for me that I did indeed wear all 11 miles. It was a great run catching up with them, and it helped that the temp was in the upper 20s, so it wasn’t as cold.

After our run, I got ready for church, and Craig, Cullen, and I attended our church service. Afterwards we had lunch at church, and then headed home. We dropped Cullen off at my in-laws, and they took Cullen to the snow sculptures and carnival rides at Fur Rondy. Craig and I did a little shopping. I went to Nordstrom Rack hoping to find a cute purse, but the selection was a lot more bare than when I was there last time. We browsed around a bit but left empty-handed. Next we headed to the 5th Avenue Mall and did some perusing at Nordstrom and Lululemon. Craig told me I could pick out a couple of things for my birthday, but of course when I have the chance to spend money, I never find anything–isn’t that how it always goes.

We headed back home, and I took a nap, which is such a treat for me. After that we picked up Cullen from my in-law’s and then went to dinner at South Restaurant. It was fun having dinner together just the three of us.

I had their potato soup that definitely hit the spot along with their cauliflower tacos, which were also really good. Cullen had macaroni and cheese, and Craig had the steak.

Then it was back home for bath time (for Cullen) and bedtime for everyone. Craig and I have definitely turned into that old married couple going to bed around 9:00p.m. most nights. Ha!

Truthfully I don’t love how close I’m getting to 40, so I’m going to enjoy these last few years in my 30s! Turning 35 in Hawaii last year is hard to beat, but 36 was rung in with some good memories.

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