PR Coaching Athlete: Evie

January 28, 2018

I’ve got another athlete to introduce to you guys. This is Evie, and she is quickly becoming quite the speed daemon! She recently cut a minute off her half marathon PR running a 1:36:32 after we had only been working together for three months. She going to be running the Wisconsin Marathon in May, and we’re going for a sub-3:30 marathon and try to qualify for Boston. I think she is going to dominate it in a few months!

Tell us a little about yourself: family, work, where you’ve lived, etc.
I’ve lived in the Midwest my whole life. I was born near Chicago and moved to Wisconsin when I was 6 and have lived in southeastern WI since. I own a house with my fiancee and two dogs. I’m an RN in an emergency department and my fiancee works for a pharmaceutical company.
How did you get into running?
In elementary school and part of middle school I HATED running. I was one of those who dreaded the day in gym where we had to run the mile and would try to get away with walking most of it. I was a competitive figure skater in elementary and middle school and by middle school must have obtained some endurance from skating because by the 8th grade running didn’t feel so horrible anymore and my gym teacher told me I should run cross country in HS. I loved cross country and ending up quitting skating and ran cross country and track all through high school. I had planned to run competitively in college but that fell through for various reasons. I stopped running for awhile and ran my first HM in 2012 and starting running more “seriously” a few years after that.
What motivates you in your running?
Beer. No j/k 🙂 . I like seeing myself improve and getting fitter and there’s always that “well maybe I could run faster and run this time.” I’ve always been competitive with my running and enjoy seeing how much I can push myself and how much I can improve and reach my potential. I also have a lot of anxiety and my job can be stressful and running is a great de-stressor and gives me something else to focus on.
What are your running goals?
I really want a BQ -5 (so a 3:30ish) at the Wisconsin Marathon in May. I would also like to break my HS PRs (12:45 for 3200m and 16:14 for a 4K..or the equivalent 5K since 4Ks are hard to come by) but my main focus is getting faster in the marathon. I would really just like to see how fast I can get at all distances. I also want to bump up my mileage.
What was the strangest/coolest/weirdest thing that has happened (or that you saw) on a run?
Hmmm..I found a dollar a few months ago on the ground while running, that was pretty cool haha. I saw a beaver once while running, and I’ve seen deer a few times.
How do you reward yourself after a hard run?
Lately with it being so cold I like just being able to take a long hot shower after a run. I’m also a big fan of the gomacro banana and almond butter protein bars.
What is your big, dream goal?
I just want to improve as much as I can and see how fast I can get, but I would like to eventually get as close to a 3 hour marathon as I can..obviously I have a lot of work to do!

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