Christmas Gifts for Runners

December 1, 2017

If you’re like me, you put a lot of thought into each present you give. I want each recipient to love their gift, and a lot of times I hope it is something that they wouldn’t have thought of or bought for themselves.

For my fellow running friends, the gift options are endless. There’s something in this post for the beginning runner as well as the competitive PR-seeking runner. There are options for guys and gals, the young and the old, as well as someone who’s might seem to have it all already. I’ve highlighted some of my personal favorites as well as things I have on my wish list.

Nike tights | wireless headphones | NB running jacket | water bottle | New Balance shoes | lighted heel spur | necklace | Oiselle long sleeve | Garmin watch

There are so many things I love in this post; I don’t even know where to being. I only included a few of my favorites in the collage above, but how cute are these things?!

These Nike tights have reflective striping all over them, which make them perfect for wintertime running. I only have a handful of tights (versus an endless supply of shorts), so I will splurge a little more on a good pair of tights!

I rarely listen to headphones when running outside, but I will when running on the treadmill. Watching TV, jamming to some music, or listening to a podcast definitely helps the time pass by more quickly. I desperately need a pair of wireless headphones because there have been too many close calls with my swinging arm hitting my headphone cord and almost sending my phone flying to the ground.

A good winter running jacket is also essential for winter running. I love this jacket because it is fleece-lined and wind and water-resistant. New Balance has really upped their style game lately!

You can’t go wrong with gifting your favorite runner a new water bottle. I have several water bottles that I like, but my S’Well water bottle is always the first one I grab out of the cupboard. It is double insulated, so it keeps everything nice and cold for a long time. And for that guy runner, give him a Hydroflask.

I’ve raved about these casual New Balance shoe before, and I still love them! And now they came out with a super cute pink color!

This Nathan Heel Spur lights up in three different colors, flashes, and easily hooks onto the back of your shoe. It stays on securely and can be seen a lot farther than reflective gear.

The jewelry options on Etsy are endless. This 26.2 necklace is classy and cute, and there are even ones that allow you to personalize and engrave your name or a certain race you did.

I own this Oiselle long sleeve in the previous version: the lux long sleeve. The new lux raglan long sleeve version looks even cuter and is made with the incredibly soft lux fabric. I want this is in the Heather Snap color!

If you are on the market for a GPS running watch, I can’t recommend the brand Garmin enough. I’d say 75% of the runners I know have a Garmin. (It seems as though the other 25% have an Apple watch, but from my understanding, it isn’t as running-specific.) This Garmin watch pictured above isn’t actually a GPS watch, but I wanted to showcase other watches that Garmin offers like this watch that tracks your steps, has a touchscreen, stress tracking, gives you smart notifications, has a heart rate monitor, and alerts you when you have been sitting too long. And how pretty is it?!

Here are 10 more gifts that would make any runner excited to open on Christmas!

1. Tracer 360 Vest* – Seriously, get this reflective + lighted vest if your friend or loved one runs in the dark. This is the ultimate in reflective/lighted gear because it combines both and covers your body all the way around! This is another item on my Christmas wish-list.

2. Stance Socks* – Feetures and Stance socks are two of my favorite brands of running socks.

3. Skida Headband* – I own two of these fleece-lined headbands, and I love how cute and practical they are.

4. Sarah Marie Design Studio – I still love all of the items designed for runners on this website: Boston nail wraps, phone cases, a Chicago Marathon mug that allows you to add your name and finish time, or  a sweatshirt that says “Kinda Wanna Go for a Run, Kinda Wanna Stay in Bed.”

5. Runner’s Ornament* – A classic ball ornament with a runner and 13.1 inscribed on it and perfect for the tree.

6. Run Fast Eat Slow Cookbook – I still love this cookbook and use it all the time! And now you can pre-order the second edition: Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow.

7. Road ID – If you know a runner who spends most of their time running alone, put their family’s mind at ease and buy them a bracelet with their name and emergency contact information on it.

8. Goodr Sunglasses* – I remember Kara Goucher wearing these sunglasses a couple years ago, and now more runners are starting to wear them as well. How can you go wrong with a $25 pair of polarized, no-bounce sunglasses!

9. Compete Training Journal – I used the Believe Training Journal a couple years ago and loved it. I am now asking for the Compete Training Journal this year. They are very similar (both designed by Lauren Fleshman), but with different tips and tactics based on your level of competitiveness.

10. Kahtoola Nano Spikes* – I’ve tried a lot of different things for running on the snow and ice. Nothing beats Icebugs for the most slippery conditions, but I know not everyone can afford a $200 shoe. If you would rather have one pair of shoes, these Katoohla Nano Spkes are a good alternative.

* These items can be found at Skinny Raven Sports in Anchorage!


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