What I Ate {Friday}

May 12, 2017

Happy weekend, everyone!

The sun was shining all day, and I had a fun run with a friend this morning. For lunch, Cullen and I had a picnic outside while watching the airplanes take off and land on Lake Hood–the busiest seaplane base in the world. And then we capped off the evening with a bonfire. “Summer” is here!

I thought it would be fun to give you guys a glimpse at what a typical day of eating looks like for me. Today was a pretty typical diet for me. I did eat all vegetarian foods, but that was not intentional. I usually have some meat at least once a day. I do aim to eat 90% healthy each day–striving to include a lot vegetables, focusing on whole grains and healthy fats, with lean proteins, and a splurge here and there.

First thing of the day: my workout. I rarely eat or drink anything before running. Unless my run is more than 90 minutes, I usually opt not to eat. I actually prefer to exercise on an empty stomach.


30 minutes of weights (arms, legs, core) + 7 mile run


SFH Recovery mixed with almond milk

I don’t always have a protein recovery drink after working out, but I did make this one to tie me over while my breakfast burrito unthawed/warm-uped in the oven. (We don’t have a microwave.)


Make-Ahead Breakfast Burrito + Coconut Kale Smoothie + Decaf Coffee with Creamer

This has been my go-to for every breakfast this week! I seriously look forward to it. Both the breakfast burrito recipe and kale smoothie recipe are from the cookbook Run Fast Eat Slow, and I can’t recommend it enough! I have made so many good recipes out of it, and there are several I still want to try.


Wild Rice Burger + Spinach Salad

This Wild Rice Burger recipe is phenomenal! I actually made a large batch, froze them, and then just reheated this one on the stove-top. And open-face sandwich with avocado slices on the top. And this spinach salad is one of my favorites: spinach + avocado + goat cheese + Himalayan pink salt + coarse pepper. Super simple but incredibly delicious.

Cullen had so much fun watching the float planes take off and land on the water!


Greek yogurt (plain) + frozen blueberries + honey + walnuts

I like this snack for the extra protein in Greek yogurt. I usually use frozen berries since they are cheaper than fresh.

There were other foods that went unpictured: a serving of peanut butter, a handful of trail mix, and some Kettle chips. (I am a snacker!)


Rice Noodle Bowls with Crispy Tofu

I’ve made this recipe before, and it is so good! We love ‘bowl’ dinners in this house, and I can’t recommend this one enough. All the flavors blend so well together, and I could eat all that crispy tofu.

Bedtime Snack

I usually don’t have a snack after dinner–unless I didn’t get full from dinner, but Cullen wanted to have popcorn before he went to bed, so I had a small bowl of popcorn while sitting around the campfire with my boys.

    1. Do you lift before you run or after you run?

      1. After! Running is my focus, so I want to have enough energy for that first. 🙂 Plus, it is a good warm-up for lifting.

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