Back to Running. . . .Or Not

March 20, 2017

We are going to do a little life highlights post since it has been a while since I’ve filled you in on various things going on around here.


I’m at a loss. After a two week break, I tried running again this morning. I was excited to start training again, but my gut was telling me that my hip wasn’t going to be any better. Sadly, my intuition was right. And if anything, my hip was even more painful that it had been.

My friend, Kelly, and I ran 6 miles through the dark, cold morning, which was refreshing and rejuvenating –but desperately made me wish spring was here. I felt fine cardio-wise, but my hip hurt earlier in the run and was even slightly more painful than it had been.

I have no idea what I’m going to do. Maybe I do have to check into surgery after all.

Recipes to Make

If you are looking for an awesome vegan meal, make these cauliflower tacos. The ‘extras’ (cabbage slaw and vegan mayo-relish sauce) put these over the top!

Crispy Coconut Lime Baked Cauliflower Tacos by Veggie Inspired

We’ve got a little taco theme going on. Something completely different but equally delicious!

Sweet Corn and Black Bean Tacos by Cookie and Kate

Plates | Silverware


Like To Know It

I’ve recently partnered with Like to Know It, which allows you to find out more details about the clothes I’m wearing in my pictures on Instagram. Here’s how it works.

  1. Sign up with Like to Know It.
  2. Make sure you are following me on Instagram!
  3. When you are browsing through your Instagram feed, you can ‘like’ my photo by clicking on the heart button.
  4. Within a few minutes, an e-mail will be sent to you with links to the products that were in that picture. It is super simple and a fun way to see what others are wearing!

Sweater | Jeans | Boots | Curling iron (LOVE!) | Hairspray

Shirt | Capris


We’ve been going on a lot of walks outside when I was taking my break. I try to get him outside every day for some fresh air.

Jacket | Hat

On Friday, Cullen has his first dentist appointment. I didn’t have too many concerns, but I did want to see if the dentist could tell that he still used a pacifier at night. Sure enough, the dentist asked me about it before I could even mention it. So we’ll see if we can wean Cullen of it. He did awesome while the dental hygienist was cleaning his teeth. (It helped that she was so good with him.)

It only took 2 years, 5 months, but it finally happened! Cullen fell asleep some place other than his crib or the car. Many kids have the ability to fall asleep almost anywhere it seems: mid-play, on the couch watching TV, while eating, on the floor of their room. But not this kid. This kid has the inability to fall asleep period. (Okay, not so much anymore.) But since he was two days old, he has not been much of a sleeper. (He slept great the first night he was born!) However, on Sunday during church, he curled up into a little ball and fell asleep half-way through service. I was shocked when it happened and didn’t really believe he was sleeping until I hear his little baby snores.

PR Coaching

My business (PR Coaching) is doing quite well, and I am so excited that Heather did amazingly well at the Shamrock Marathon over the weekend. Her hardy Alaska blood fared well for her in the cold, rain, SLEET, and winds for the entire marathon. She ran a 3:23:50 marathon, which was 21 minutes faster than her previous time. (We haven’t even been working together for a year yet!) Plus she qualified for Boston!

Three days before the race I texted her and told her I predicted her finish time to be 3:22 – 3:20. It was the next day that she told me the forecast for the day. We talked things through, and I knew she still had a PR in her despite the weather. I told her she couldn’t have negative thoughts and to use the portions with the wind to fly! And fly she did!


    1. Aww, Cullen’s so cute!! 🙂 I just signed up for Like to Know It! Did you know they have a app??

      1. Yes, I did. I did an Insta story about it the first day it came out. 🙂

    1. According to my mom, I was very attached to my pacifier when I was little (I called it my “sassy”). One day my mom gathered them up, hid them, and told me that the angels took them. I never questioned it and I guess when I would find one I would give it to my mom to give to the angels! An idea for you! Good luck!

      1. I like it! I wonder if Cullen would fall for that! He calls his his ‘passy.’

    1. Ah, so sorry to hear that it was hard to get back to the running, but maybe the walks with Cullen will be more frequent now. As for your PR Coaching business, I think it’s such an amazing field to be in – to watch people overcome their fears and break barriers that they didn’t think they could. Congratulations of motivating and changing people’s lives!

      1. It is very rewarding, and one of the best jobs I’ve had!

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