My Favorite Spring Running Clothes

March 15, 2017

It’s time to start thinking about spring running! I’m tired of the snow, so I’m going to pretend there really isn’t several feet of snow still on the ground. Ha!

I’m dreaming about spring runs: bird chirping, the smell of blossoming trees, dry pavement, and less clothes. Oh, I cannot wait for less clothes and only one layer to put on in the morning. Here are some of my favorite running clothes to wear as we transition into spring: chilly mornings, possibly some rain, but still very comfortable, practical clothes.


I have worn this Nike hat more times than I care to admit. It is super lightweight, dries quickly, and is essential when it is raining, which actually happens a lot here in Anchorage in the spring, summer, and fall.

This New Balance long sleeve top is seamless and doesn’t cling to my body after I start sweating. It is the same shirt as the pink one listed above–just a different color. I love the bright color and the ample length in the body and sleeves.

I have two of these Oiselle long sleeve shirts, and they are incredibly soft and super comfortable to wear while running. I even featured them in a blog post of their own I love them so much. The material is a little thicker, so it is perfect when the temperature is about 40 degrees.

I have had these Nike tights for years! They actually stay in place when I run, and the pocket in the back is the perfect size for an energy gel.

Even in the spring mornings, the air is still pretty cool, so this New Balance vest is awesome for days I want some added warmth around my core.

These Oiselle tights are a 7/8 length, which is my absolute favorite length to wear. They have a high waistband, and a pocket large enough for an iPhone 6 or 7. (I think the + can fit without a case, but don’t quote me on that.) The moto detailing makes them so fun to wear after a workout as well.


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