Training Log 12.5.16 – 12.11.16

December 12, 2016

I can actually write a post recapping my training this past week!

Since my hip has been feeling good since the steroid injection I got a month ago, I have been able to log some actual miles. Other than Sunday, I had no pain all week, which makes me very happy. Sunday I did a longer run of 9 miles. It felt fine during the run, but it was sore and tight that afternoon. I knew the effects of the steroid shot weren’t going to last forever, so this might be the end of my pain-free days, sadly.


7 miles | 63 minutes | 9:00 pace

30 minutes of hip/glute work

This was a bitter cold run with the temperature at -4*F. I ran with my friend Kelly, which definitely made me forget how cold I was. I felt good during the run, but the tips of my fingers still hurt later that day.


4.5 mile | 6 x 400 meters @ 6:20 pace | treadmill

45 minutes of weights

I made the mistake of setting the treadmill at my old tempo pace of 6:20. I was going to run at that pace for as long as it felt do-able. Well, let’s just say after 0.25 mile I was dying. I did five more intervals at the 6:20 pace, which was actual kind of tough. I knew I was out of shape, but this workout really confirmed it.


Off – I did do 20 minutes of hip/glute work at home.


6 miles | 6 x 800 meters | indoor track

45 minutes of weights

I was surprised I was able to hit some 3 minute and 3:02 splits on these intervals. I didn’t run all of them that hard as I didn’t want to overdo it. Even during my peak training I’m not doing two hard workouts during week, so I didn’t want to kill myself with too much now since I had already done some faster intervals on Tuesday.


4 miles | 35 minutes | 8:45 pace

I pushed Cullen in the stroller for this afternoon run. It was a clear day, which was nice to catch a little bit of the sun before it went down by 4 p.m. Cullen got pretty cold during the end, so we had to hurry home. I felt fine during the run and pushing him in the stroller kind of made me miss all of our runs together.

During this run I tried out my new Saucony Peregrine Ice shoes that are designed for running on the ice and snowy surfaces. The roads were snow packed with icy patches, so it was a good day to try them out. I liked them when running on the snow, but I didn’t think they gripped very well on the ice. I am going to try them on a few more runs before I do a full review.


Off – I worked all day, and then we went to a Christmas party in the evening.


9 miles | 9:12 average pace

It was another cold run around 0*F. I felt fine during the run, but my hip did start feeling off a few hours after I got done. Bummer! I was really hoping the steroid shot would work indefinitely, but it seems the pain is now back. I have get to get into to see an orthopedic physician about surgery, which will probably be a post in the near future as it has been quite the process.

Total: 30 miles

    1. holy moly, so good. it’s a bitter cold today – it says 35* but it feels so much colder with the humidity. I was planning to hit the treadmill but now I’ll totally feel like a sissy if I do. (May still do it… ;))

      1. People talk about a wet cold versus a dry cold, but I just think it is cold period!

    1. It must feel awesome to run again- I hope it will last a little longer. Just think, when this is all over you’ll have the strongest glutes of anyone. That will really help your running- you definitely have lots of PRs ahead of you. By the way I love the crescent roll Christmas tree appetizer from the last post- I am MAKING IT!

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