Highlights from the Week

October 21, 2016

I hope your week was a good one, and you have fun plans for the weekend. I am working at the store all weekend, but then we are celebrating Cullen’s birthday on Sunday night. He officially turns 2 on Monday!! He’s pretty excited to have cupcakes and play with his friends.

Here’s a look back at some of the highlights from my week.


I really enjoy lifting weights. I know most runners kind of dread the gym, but I love it. I told Craig that after my running career I am going to join Crossfit. Ha!

I spent 45 minutes lifting weights, targeting all the major muscle grounds during this time. I don’t have a set routine right now, so I am enjoying the flexibility to do whatever I want right now.


Mondays are usually a ‘get-caught-up-on-everything’ day since I work all weekend. Cullen and I ran errands and picked up groceries for the house, including this super yummy non-dairy creamer. I have not been impressed with any of the other non-dairy creamers I’ve tried, but I am really digging this Califa Hazelnut Almondmilk Creamer! It is so much thicker than regular almond milk, and it has a much better flavor than any other brands I’ve tried.



Craig had the day off for Alaska Day, which was nice to be able to spend the day together since he’s working during the week, and I work all weekend, which means we don’t get much time together as a family. I ran 2.5 miles before we grabbed some coffee at the coffee shop and then took Sadie for a walk. While we were out walking, Sadie was exploring in the woods and came out of the woods with what Craig thought was dirt and leaf debris all over her coat. He wiped the items off her coat but soon realized it wasn’t what he thought it was. He went to sniff his glove and realized it was poop! I saw him start to gag and he said he didn’t think it was dog poop. The more we thought about it, the more we both think it was human feces. We take Sadie on walks all the time in areas where there is dog poop, but she has never rolled in dog poop before. (She has rolled in a dead carcass a couple of times. Bleh!) There are some homeless people in the area, so we’re pretty sure that’s where it came from. As soon as we got home, Sadie got a bath, and I washed everything on the sanitary wash cycle in the washing machine.



Wednesday night was our Couch to 4K training group practice through the running store I work at. I love working with new runners because they are so eager to learn and are willing to try anything, even if I make them do crazy running drills. We did a series of warm-ups and talked about pacing before moving into our run/walk workout. I was a gorgeous (but cold!) night, however then we saw a spectacular sunset, which kind of made up for it.


I had another appointment with the chiropractor who also does ART on me. ART seemed to be the golden ticket for healing my hip flexor tenonitis. I went and saw him for an adjustment, some ART on my hip, and then we talked through some good exercises I could do to help my hip heal a little faster because it seems like it is still weak. Everything seems to be progressing forward, but the sooner I can get back to my training plan the better.




This wasn’t a highlight for me today.


We got about 3-4 inches of snow last night (Thursday night), which marks the first snowfall of this winter for us. This now means training is going to be even harder if the snow sticks around. Boo!

Thursday night as we were going to bed, it was raining, and Craig “promised” me the rain wouldn’t turn to snow overnight because it was too warm. When I woke up Friday morning, I saw a text from one of my athletes saying how hard it is to run in the snow. Sure enough, I pulled back the curtains and saw a blanket of white snow on everything. I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt saying that the first snowfall is very pretty, but I am still not particularly excited about it.

Cullen slept a full 12 hours and didn’t wake up until 9:30 a.m. this morning. (I would prefer he went to bed earlier than 9:30 p.m., but every time we try, he doesn’t fall asleep until 9:30/10:00 p.m.) When Cullen woke up, he was pretty excited to see the snow outside. He didn’t really play in the snow very much. He mostly just stood in one spot as if his feet were stuck. Ha! Maybe he was just taking it all in.


I spent the day getting ready for Cullen’s birthday party on Sunday: cleaning the house, decorating, buying all of the food, and getting as much done today since I work all weekend. We have been talking up his birthday, so Cullen’s pretty excited about it. He’s especially excited to play with other kids, eat cupcakes, and play with the balloons.

Happy weekend, everyone!

    1. I would love a post on good weight-lifting routines for runners, or a good upper body weightlifting routine. I’m trying to incorporate more weightlifting into my schedule but I always just end up going to a class or sticking to cardio because I’m clueless in the weight room.

      1. I will try to work on something like that. . .thanks for the idea!

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