Oiselle Lux Layer

August 29, 2016

I was introduced to the Oiselle clothing line after I started working at Skinny Raven. After I started following their athletes on social media and learning more about the company, I became drawn to the company’s compassion for their athletes and “club” members known as the Oiselle Volee team, which anyone can be on. They support their athletes unlike any other running company, while they simultaneously strive to make awesome apparel for women of many shapes and sizes.


Now that we are approaching fall, I’ve started to wear more long sleeve shirts, and this Oiselle Lux Layer is pulled out of my drawer frequently.

I actually came by this Oiselle piece accidentally. I had called the company to place an order and was telling the Oiselle employee that I was looking for a warmer long sleeve shirt to wear during cooler spring and fall mornings when temps are around 40 degrees. The gal said the lux layer is perfect for that, and I couldn’t agree more.


I have worn this shirt multiple times in temps between 40 and 50 degrees, and it is the perfect amount of thickness for those temps. It wicks the sweat and keeps me comfortable when the temps start to dip.

This shirt is made with the lux fabric, and is extremely soft and does not pill. The material has retained its shape, and I’ve put it in the dryer with no problems of it shrinking.

The cut of the shirt is very flattering. It is not too tight like a compression top but instead cut for a fitted look. The sleeve length is perfect for me—not too short and yes, there are thumbholes.


The length of the body of the shirt is not super long as it hits right at the hips. I liked this shirt so much, I know own it in two colors (a gray color and this purple one), and I wear both of them often.


Note: When I first started composing this blog post about a week ago, this shirt was still available for purchase on their website, but I no longer see it as an option. I sure hope they haven’t discontinued it! I apologize that I have just talked up a product and gave a review of something that no longer exists. So sorry.

      1. No, we haven’t carried the lux long sleeve top before at SR. We did have the tank top in the lux material.

    1. thanks for posting this. I was just looking for fall clothing for running.

    1. I was just about to say they have it on amazon (as well as a bunch of other Oiselle stuff) now! Still pricey but at least you can avoid shipping. 🙂

    1. I’m sure they aren’t discontinuing it, probably just pulling it off the main section of the site to get ready for releasing a new batch of colors for the fall! There’s also a Lux tee and lots of tank tops in the same fabric.

      1. That’s what I was thinking/hoping! I have the tank top in the lux fabric too!

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