Oiselle Mac Roga Shorts – Review

August 2, 2016

Oiselle (pronounced: “wa-zell”) is a women’s running clothing company based in Seattle. I didn’t know anything about the brand until I started working at Skinny Raven Sports. Around that same time, Kara Goucher signed with them, which also peaked my interest.

IMG_3648 When browsing the website and after following their professional athletes on Instagram, you can tell this company is not your standard running clothing company. One thing that sets them apart from other companies is that the models on the website wearing their clothes are actual Oiselle employees. You can also see other photos of “real” people wearing their clothing in their #flystyle feed on the website when figuring out how something will fit different body types. Since discovering this line of clothing, I’ve purchased several items from the company and have grown to love many of the items they sell.

Top: Lux Layer ~ color: storm

Bottoms: Mac Roga Shorts ~ color: pop


These Mac Roga Shorts were one of my first purchases and have quickly become a favorite of mine.

I heard from several of my coworkers the Roga Shorts are very comfortable to run in and a go-to pair for many of them. When I found out the company made a pair of Rogas with a shorter inseam called the Mac Roga, I was sold.

For comparison:

Mac Roga Shorts – 1.75 inch inseam

Roga Shorts – 4 inch inseam

Long Roga Shorts – 6 inch inseam

The Roga shorts are the quintessential Oiselle shorts, so whatever inseam length you prefer to run in, you can find something to fit your level of comfort and body type.


The shorts have a 4-way stretch that makes them extremely comfortable and allows the shorts to move with you when you move.

I love the wide waistband on the shorts and the fact they sit lower on my hips. (I don’t care for a rise that comes near my belly button.) There is a drawstring in the waistband, but I rarely ever use it as the elastic in the shorts is enough to keep them up.

I also appreciate that the waistband doesn’t ride up when I run. In addition, the material doesn’t ride up in between my legs, which can be extremely annoying. (We all know, there is nothing worse than having to tug at your shorts every couple of minutes during a run.) I’ve never have to readjust these shorts during a run–everything is comfortable and stays in place.


The cut and fit are flattering, and the shorts are long enough to keep your booty covered while running. (You can always opt for a longer length if you are worried about it.)

The zippered pocket on the back is nice for a key or energy gels. The fact the pocket isn’t centered might bother some people, but I don’t carry anything big or bulky, so this isn’t a problem for me.


After running several hundred miles in the Mac Roga Shorts, they are still a go-to pair for me. The shorts are super comfortable, practical, and I’ve purchased multiple pairs of these shorts.

    1. They’re definitely among my favorites, but I have to say, I still have the “ride-up-between-the-legs” problem once I get good & sweaty. But I have yet to find any pair of shorts where that’s not the case. :-/

      I do like that color though — have not seen it before! Mine are all black and/or gray.

    1. I also love these shorts. Once I found them there was no going back to the puffy diapery feeling Nike running shorts. I wear the Roga shorts and feel like they cover everything that should be. Great fabric that is so stretchy yet durable. Thanks Oiselle for making such awesome running clothing!

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