TNC Endurance Running Camp

June 6, 2016

In college, a week before school started, the cross country team would travel to a lake resort in northern Minnesota to train together as a team and get to know everyone. I felt like I was reliving those days at my coach’s running camp this past weekend.

Initially I was going to go to Minnesota about 5 days prior to running Grandma’s Marathon, but when I found out my coach, Nichole, was going to be hosting a camp for her TNC athletes (TNC = Team Nichole Coaching) and guests two weeks out from Grandma’s, so I changed my ticket and arrived in time to attend the camp.

We stayed at a cabin on a lake in northern Wisconsin and basically spent the weekend eating, sleeping, and running.


My sister was also able to come, which was super fun. It was so good to be reunited with her. My favorite runs as those I do with her. I tried to convince her to run Grandma’s, but it was probably better as she’s been busying buying a house and working on wedding plans.


Friday night we went for an easy run (5 miles), and then played some get-to-know-you games.

Saturday morning was our big workout in preparation for Grandma’s Marathon in two weeks. There were three of us running Grandma’s, so we had a marathon-paced half-marathon to run that morning. I ran the first half by myself, and then a couple of guys joined me for the second half. I averaged 6:47 for the 13.1 miles. Overall, it went really well. It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t impossible either.


Saturday afternoon we laid low, hung out, rested, and I tried stand-up-and-paddle for the first time.


Cullen even got to come along! (My mom played nanny.) He got to spend a lot of time with Auntie Kristy. (Or ‘Kit’ as he now calls her.) My coach’s daughter, Greta, was also there. She is just 9 days older than Cullen, but her height is in the 1st percentile, and Cullen is in the 98th percentile for his height. . . . you can definitely see the height difference in this picture.


Nichole, Greta, Cullen, and Kristy

My mom watched these two cuties while we ran. They had a lot of fun playing together.

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Saturday afternoon we went for another run (4 miles), and then did some strength training. (My abs are still sore three days later!) That evening my sister gave a nutrition talk (She’s a dietitian.), and Caitlin and Brian Gregg (professional skiiers) came and spoke to our group about life as professional athletes, which is always really intriguing to me.


Sunday morning was another easy run (9 miles), and then we packed up and hit the road back home.

It was fun having a weekend devoted to training. I wish I could do this all the time!

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    1. This sounds like fun! I’ve always wanted to go to running camp. I recognized the address sign. That’s the same area of Wisconsin I’ll be visiting next month for a family reunion.

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