10 Things I’m Excited About

August 28, 2015

Things I am currently excited about. . . . .

1.This peanut and all of the new things he is doing and learning. It is so fun to watch him get excited about the littlest things (seeing himself in the mirror, a spatula, touching the leaves on a plant, the thermostat, etc.) and being able to interact with him more. I am really not missing the newborn days.


2. Fall (for the most part)–I honestly love fall, I really do. I love the crispness of the air, the smells of fall, the colors changing on the leaves, fall foods, and the list goes on. The things I don’t love about fall in Alaska: it comes too early and doesn’t last long enough. Plus fall also means my least favorite season is right around the corner. . . .we just won’t even go there.

3. This sweater from H&M I scored for $25. I am always needing more long sleeve shirts in my wardrobe.


4. Getting back into training! I have taken the last two weeks off from training and running, and it has been much needed. BUT PRs don’t come by me sitting around, so it is now time to get back to work. Monday it starts!

5. Raven Run Club training Saturday morning. I am loving working with the men and women in each of the training groups we offer through Skinny Raven. I am so encouraged to see people of a wide range of abilities working hard to improve their fitness and stay in shape. Saturday mornings are our long runs and some people walk most of it while others run the whole way.


6. Nordstrom Rack opening September 3 in Anchorage! H&M, Lululemon, and Bath & Body Works all opened this summer. . . .yeah for some decent stores now! I think I’ll wait a week or so to check out Nordstrom Rack until things die down a bit.

7. I’ve raved about this yogurt before, and I continue to love it. I also love this new flavor for the fall! And if you haven’t tried the pumpkin flavor, you must–it honestly tastes like pumpkin pie!


8. Labor Day weekend–Craig, Cullen, and I will actually be able to spend a couple of days together! (I usually end up working most weekends.) I’m hoping we will be able to go camping and do some exploring.

9. We have been so busy this summer I am finally getting in some hikes, which has been a lot of fun. On Tuesday, I met a friend and we hiked part of Baldy in Eagle River.


10. These LG Tones Active headphones. I have never owned a pair of wireless headphones until I received these Bluetooth fitness headphones from AT&T to try out.


They worked awesome when I went running. (Don’t mind my casual clothes, I just needed some pictures of me wearing them as I forgot to snap a few pictures after running with them.) The band didn’t jostle around, the sound quality was awesome, and the battery life lasted nearly 3 weeks with daily use.


Craig has been using them a lot on his walks and runs too. He likes that he doesn’t have to worry about cords getting wrapped around his arms or caught on other various things. He said they are his go-to headphones right now.



I think it’s pretty awesome how the cords retract into the headset so nicely. Bottom line: I would definitely recommend these LG Tone Active Bluetooth fitness headphones to a friend.


    1. Miss you!! I love the picture of him peaking behind you with your new top.

    1. those headphones look so handy! and i’m excited to try that favor of noosa. the pumpkin is my fave but cranberries are so good too 🙂

    1. Have you ever tried Ellenos greek yogurt from Seattle? They sell it at Pike’s Place Market and at the local Whole Foods and coffee shops. I thought Noosa was good until I tried Ellenos – it’s unbelievably rich and delicious. You should check it out next time you’re in Seattle!

      1. No, I haven’t heard of it. I’m not sure it is sold here. :/ If I ever see it, I will be sure to try it!

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