Summer Fun in MN

July 8, 2015

Cullen and I are back in Alaska. I tried to do another post while at my parent’s, but their internet was too slow. . . .dial-up slow. (Not even kidding.)

Anyway, we had a ton of fun while in Minnesota for two weeks. We spent most of our time at my parent’s place just hanging out, relaxing, and enjoying the country life. (Man, do I miss the quiet, slow-pace of the country.) We did spend a few days with my sister, Kristy, in the Twin Cities, which was fun too!

Cullen saw all sorts of farm animals while in Minnesota: pigs, cows, horses, and cats. My mom would take him in the stroller almost every other day to visit the cats on the farm. He loved petting them with his feet and grabbing their whiskers and tails.

Cullen has been enjoying all sorts of solid foods these days. Right now his favorites include: avocado, almost any type of fruit, and sweet potatoes. He even got to use the high chair I used growing up. Look at that antique!

He thought it was funny to lift the tray up over his head. It didn’t take him long to figure out how to do this. Eventually my mom used a shoe string to tie the tray to the rest of the chair. Obviously this would not pass safety inspections today.

During our trip, we got to do some things we don’t really do in Alaska. One of those things was going for a boat ride. (As a disclaimer, people do go for boat rides in Alaska but definitely not like they do in Minnesota.) This was Cullen’s first time on the pontoon. Doesn’t he look thrilled? Ha!


He even got to drive the boat.

We spent a couple days at my parent’s place on the lake enjoying a campfire, BBQing, reading, and relaxing.


I also tried a few new places to eat while in the North Star State. Common Roots Cafe was my favorite place, and I hope I can take Craig there the next time he comes.


We met Aunt Sue for lunch here, and she got to spend some time playing with Cullen.


I had the club sandwich which had turkey and roast beef with a really good with an aioli sauce and crunchy-on-the-outside soft-in-the-middle bread.



My mom and sister had dinner at Porter Creek in Burnsville one evening.


My mom had the Alaskan cod, Kristy had a really yummy burger, and I had a veggie sandwich which was really good but not very filling. We had fun chatting and taking turns of the wiggle worm (aka Cullen).


Kristy and her boyfriend, Nick, had to take me to the iconic Nelson’s Ice Cream shop in Stillwater.


This was no average-Joe ice cream place. First of all, I think we waited for about 30 minutes to order (because the line was so long), then the flavor choices are like no other: Monster Cookie ice cream, Pirates Booty, and Carmel Turtle Cheesecake.


And the biggest kicker. . . .this is a KID’S size ice cream cone for $3.50! If you are ever in the area, you MUST go!


While in Minnesota, I ran a whole bunch and logged miles in the warmth and sunshine. I was so spoiled having a built-in babysitter while at my parent’s. I was able to sleep in every morning and run whenever I pleased. Often times it was later in the morning when it was warmer, but I didn’t care!


My sister, Kristy, and I ran the Freedom Run on the 4th of July in Waseca. We tied for 1st place for the women. I’ll do a full recap tomorrow.


    1. Great photos from your vacation! I love that you and your sister tied! Such a cool thing to share with your sibling. 😀

    1. Looks like you had a great time! We live 2.5 hours south of the cities!

    1. I’ve been to Nelson’s! What fun! A good friend from college was from Minneapolis and a few of us went to visit with her one summer. Nelson’s was the tip top of her list of places to visit. That was some good ice cream 🙂

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