Revised Summer 2015 Racing Schedule

May 8, 2015

Since I’ve hired my coach, Nichole, back, I’ve revised almost all of the races for the summer. A lot of the time I am still racing the same day and event, I’ve just chosen to run a different distance. Instead of two marathons this summer/fall, I am doing one. I also have two half-marathons on the books, a 12K or 6K, a 10K, 5 miler, and 5K.

I like racing different distances to keep things interesting. Plus I have opportunities to set new PRs as well.


I already checked one race off my schedule–the Heart Run 5K a couple weeks ago.

Here’s what my racing schedule for this summer and early fall looks like.

Pulsator 10K – May 23

Originally I was planning on running the half-marathon, but I would like a few more weeks to get in half-marathon racing shape. Plus this is one of the few 10Ks during the summer, so I wanted an opportunity to race that distance. The 10K might have to be my favorite distance.

Twilight 6K/12K – June 5

I’m still not sure if I will run the 6K or 12K this year. The 12K is the premier event, but the 6K has less people, so potentially a higher place. (Heck, I was 4th last year when I was pregnant!).

Alaska Run for Women – June 13

I have decided not the run the full marathon at Mayor’s the following weekend, so I will be running this event now! It is a 5-miler, so an automatic PR.

Mayor’s Half-Marathon – June 20

I was planning on running the full marathon, but Nichole and I decided to hold off since that wouldn’t give me much time to train. I feel better about that decision anyhow. I’d be ready, but I would feel much better waiting. I did the half-marathon last year when I was pregnant and know the course like the back of my hand, which definitely helps.

Bear Paw 5K – July 11

I am still planning on doing this race! This is a fun little local 5K in Eagle River. There aren’t a lot of 5Ks, so I usually strap on my speediest of shoes for this race.


Her Tern Half-Marathon – July 19

A second half-marathon for the season. I absolutely love this event! If you are a women in the Anchorage area, you MUST run (or walk) this race. It is such a female-friendly, uplifting event. The hill at the end of the course isn’t so fun, but you do receive a handmade bracelet at the end. (I wear mine all the time!)

Alaska 10K Classic – August 8

I don’t believe I will be able to run this event as we may be out of town for this race, which is why I am opting to do the Pulsator 10K in May.


Big Wild Life/Moose’s Tooth Marathon – August 16

We have decided to make the Moose’s Tooth Marathon my target marathon for the summer. I think the course is a little faster than the Mayor’s Marathon, plus I’m not a fan of the Tank Trail (gravel road) and dirt trail through the foothills of the mountains at Mayor’s anyhow.

Kenai River Marathon Relay – September 27

Since I would be running the Moose’s Tooth Marathon the month before, I would opt to run the relay again. I love running the relay anyhow, so it would be fun, easy race with friends.


So there you have it–my revised racing schedule for the summer. I am so excited to see what this summer brings and how I will be able to train and race with a coach. As I mentioned before, I spent a lot of time contemplating whether or not I should hire Nichole. I’ve done well training by myself, but I now have a renewed drive for training and racing. Plus, no matter where you are in the pack (a front runner, middle-of-the-packer, or at the tail end), it is always nice to have someone else to bounce ideas, questions, and concerns off of. So with that shameless plug, if you are looking to improve your running this summer, I still have openings for coaching individuals.

Happy racing!

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    1. Sounds like some good changes. I didn’t like the tank road at the Mayor’s either.

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