70 Mile Week

May 4, 2015

I hit 70 miles this past week!

The weather was amazing for my long run on Saturday–sunny, no wind, clear skies, and warm. These ProCompression leggings were awesome for running in. Both of my Lululemon capris fall down, but these stayed in place throughout the entire run. I also don’t like when the bottom rides up and slips up over my calf. These did not do that, which also made them awesome.


That gray spot on the left-hand side was Cullen hanging out in the Ergo while I snapped a few pictures post-run.


Here’s how my week went down. . . .


10 mile tempo run on the treadmill

2 miles warm-up

6 miles tempo run varying the pace from 6:40 – 6:59 (I have to work on those sub-7:00 paces!)

2 miles cool-down

This run went really well. Running sub-7:00 pace is getting easier, but I still have a lot of work to do!


11 miles/1:28/pace – 8:00

This run went really well. I love early morning runs! I also did 45 minutes yoga and 25 minutes weight lifting.


7.5 miles/1:01

Afternoon run in the sunshine. I wanted to do a track workout, but there was a soccer game going on.


AM – 5 miles

PM – 4.5 miles

Ideally I wouldn’t have split this up, but I met up with a friend for the morning miles and then ran with a jogging stroller at night.

60 minutes of pilates


5 miles

I felt sluggish on this run. Rightly so after doing 4 runs within the past 36 hours.


21 miles

I’m not sure of the total time since my Garmin died at mile 18.4, but I’m positive my splits stayed right around 7:50.



6 miles with some friends. Nice and easy along the Coastal Trail.

Total: 70 miles

My weekend was crazy busy–working Friday night, up with Cullen early Saturday morning then back to bed for a couple of hours, long run, and a Greek Gala on Saturday night. Craig and I got spiffed up while Grandma watched Cullen for a few hours.

Sunday was church, a few errands, running with friends, dinner with Craig and the in-laws, and then bed. I hardly had time to breathe, but it was all good.


    1. Amazing!! I love seeing your weekly mileage climb. Any 90-100 mile weeks in the future?? Keep it up! I am at around 40-50 right now! You are my runspiration 😉

      1. We’ll see how high I get this summer. It will be up to my coach now. 🙂

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