Yaktraks:Run Review

February 19, 2015

If you know me, you know I’ll run in pretty much any weather condition. Rain, heat, sleet, snow. . . .none of these can stop my addiction to running.


Of course these conditions aren’t ideal, but with some solid gear, it definitely makes the run more enjoyable.

Now that we have snow (and ice), I’ve had a chance to try out the Yaktrax:Run traction devices you can strap to your shoes for those winter runs.


I have a pair of the Yaktraxs meant for walking that I did wear running in the past. They worked great for snow but not so great for ice. However, these are designed specifically for running and are much better! They have carbide steel spikes under the toe area and an extra strap to keep them secured to your shoes. They still have the traditional coils in the back.


I wore these on my run this morning, which included a great deal of snow and ice. The extra traction definitely helped, but I didn’t feel quite as secure and safe as I thought I would.


Overall, I definitely liked the new updated run version, but I still didn’t love them. Besides not feeling very secure, they were kind of bulky, and I would often kick my ankles with the metal coils.

But with that being said though, I tell people that if they only want to buy one pair of shoes–and they will need a pair to wear both inside and outside–then purchase something like this that can be taken on and off as needed.


For now I am going to stick to putting studs (screws) in the bottom of my shoes. (Although, I hear the ultimate in traction is a pair of Icebugs.)DSC_0013

And now a few fun pictures of Cullen.

This lovely shirt was given to us by Craig’s coworkers. (Craig has obviously made a number of Zoolander references at work before.)


Here’s a little bit better picture of Cullen’s two bottom teeth that have come in.


When Cullen plays on his play mat, he likes to eat the monkey’s legs.


For dinner I made this Avocado and Brussels Sprouts Salad, which was super good. Even Craig liked it, which is saying something!


Cullen supervised my cooking. He is very good at kicking his socks off while sitting in his bouncy chair.



What (if anything) do you wear on your shoes for additional traction in the winter?

What was on the menu for your dinner?

    1. I’ve never found the coils to be very good on ice. I had a pair of spikes I got from WalMart that I really liked. They’re like the spikes on the front of those YakTrax only with another set in the back too. They were great. I forget what they’re officially called.

    1. I haven’t ran much at all this winter (being kind of a wimp, since it’s -30°C/-22°F here… but, when I did, I tried to run on gravel roads as much as possible for traction. I’ve heard a lot about YakTraks and they sound interesting, always good to read first hand accounts. Tonight dinner will be the Caribbean Chicken from this recipe: http://recipeforfood.biz/chicken-dump-recipes-10-meals-in-one-hour/ with veggies!

    1. I personally run in the ice up here in a pair of Brooks Cascadia trail shoes. The tread maybe for trail, but I don’t have any issues on the ice. I’ve worn them all this past week while Anchorage has been doing the whole freeze/thaw thing.

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