Things I’m Loving Lately VI

February 12, 2015

Here’s another edition of Things I’m Loving Lately. These posts are fun for me to do and give me the chance to share random things that you might like as well.

This is the training log I am using to record my workouts this year. I like that the layout includes an entire week on one page (versus having to flip the page to get to the second half of the week). I think there is just enough space to record how my run went, the time, distance, and anything else I wish to write down.


While in Minnesota, I purchased a fresh juice beverage from Whole Foods. It was so good I had to recreate it at home. I wrote down the ingredients and have made myself one in the Vitamix several times this week. Technically the beverage from Whole Foods was a juice, but the Vitamix does such an amazing job of pureeing everything, it didn’t seem that much different to me.

In the mix: pineapple, kale, mango, orange juice, parsley, and ginger


The air has been so dry here. My hair was always staticy, I was waking up in the middle of the night with a dry mouth (yuk!), and Cullen’s skin was very dry and cracked, so I finally got humidifiers for both of our rooms. I purchased this super cute pig one on Amazon for Cullen’s room. Meet: Penelope the Pig.


Ours was made by the same company (Crane), and had awesome reviews online. I have them on high all day long and do have to fill them a couple times a day, which is a drawback.


I purchased this face wash from Sephora back in December and love it. It washes off clean and leaves my face feeling fresh but not overly dry and tight.


On that same trip to Sephora, I also picked up this facial lotion. My skin was on the drier side, and this lotion definitely helped clear it up. DSC_0003

Craig loves kale chips, but I don’t like paying $8 per container, so I was excited when I found these at Costco. Two containers for the price of one. Plus they are delicious!


I like good, quality salsa. Most of the best kinds are in the refrigerated section of the grocery store, but sometimes they end up going bad before we eat it all. I picked up this salsa from Archer Farms (Target’s store brand), and I was impressed. It is really good! I also tried the ‘original,’ which was just as tasty.


I have pin-straight hair, but I still like to put something in my hair that makes my tresses silky smooth. This leave-in spray by Pureology is awesome, and I definitely plan to buy it again.


I heard about Seven Sundays through Nichole’s blog and was excited when I saw their products at Target here. They are a company out of Minnesota (so that probably helped them get their product on Taget’s shelves seeing Target is also a Minnesota-based company), but this is a legit product. I’m not sure I’ve ever had muesli before–to me it is a clump-less granola, but I’m digging it.


And in other news, this little guy sprouted two new bottom teeth already! He’s only 3.5 months old–usually (from what I’ve read), babies don’t get teeth until about 6 months, but 4 – 7 months is the normal range. Aiye, aiye, aiye this kid is growing up fast! (They are a little hard to see in this picture, but I promise they are there.)


    1. I haven’t tried the packaged kale chips. I usually make my own at home. It’s super easy!
      I’ve been using the fresh brand rose hydrating eye gel all winter. I really like it. Those ladies at Sephora really know how to find me new products!!

    1. I see Cullen’s teeth! I’m supposed to tell you Kirsten breastfed until Owen had 20 teeth. Thanks for posting about that hair product. I was going to ask you the name of that product again.

      1. How old did that make Owen? Cullen has bit me, and it hurts! I tell him ‘no,’ and then he usually gets a pouty lip, which makes me sad.

    1. So glad you tried Muesli! I fell in love with it while in Scandinavia – it was my breakfast every morning. Greek yogurt + Seven Sundays for the win!

    1. hello Mrs. Baxter , I am from India, are there any Indians living in Alaska. Its my dream to live there…..

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