Merry Christmas 2015

December 25, 2014

It’s a white Christmas here!

Four mile run in the fresh fallen snow. Not the fastest run, of course, but still wonderful to get out.


Just popping in to say Merry Christmas from our family to yours.


Here’s this year’s annual Christmas letter.

The big news in the Baxter family is the arrival of Cullen Stuart Baxter born on October 24. After 43 hours of labor, Cullen arrived via C-section. He was 7.2 oz and 20-3/4 inches long. He is getting bigger and stronger each day and enjoys bath time, sleeping in his car seat, and long walks in the Ergo (a baby carrier). Craig and Michelle waited until the birth to find out the gender of their baby but most people did guess boy. Cullen was churched at the end of November, and his Patron Saint is St. Innocent of Alaska.

Fortunately Craig’s job allows Michelle to stay at home full-time, which they are very thankful for. In his free time, Craig enjoys miniature war gaming, biking, running local races with Michelle, coffee dates, and taking Sadie for walks.

Michelle started out the year working for Wells Fargo as a Home Preservation Specialist. She ended her time with the company in March, and then started working at the local running store, Skinny Raven Sports. She enjoys sharing her passion with others and loves the people she works with. She continued to run throughout her pregnancy, logging nearly 1000 miles with baby Cullen and racing two half marathons, a quarter marathon, a 5K, and a relay race at 8 months pregnant.

Sadie, our adopted lab-pit bull mix dog, hasn’t quite taken to Cullen yet. She knew something was different when we brought Cullen home. While she hasn’t acted out, she has been a little depressed. (It is even evident in the picture. Poor girl.) Eventually they will become best buds though—especially when Cullen starts dropping food for her. Sadie does enjoy going to the dog park, eating (anything and everything including: kale, apples, and bananas), and all the love and attention she can get.

In March, Craig and Michelle traveled to Hawaii and spent a week on the island of Maui. They went snorkeling, took a sunset dinner cruise, went hiking, and soaked up the sun. Craig also traveled to Pennsylvania for a few days this summer, and Michelle went to Minnesota for a baby shower in August.

We pray God has blessed you this past year and 2015 is filled with health and happiness.

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    1. Hi there – I’m a new reader to your blog… Found you through the post about the things you love about Alaska. My husband and I are looking to move from Colorado to Alaska. Anyway, nice to “meet” you and your family looks adorable!

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