My First Day as a Stay-at-Home Mom

November 17, 2014

Craig has been at home with us for the past 3 weeks, but sadly he had to go back to work today.

It was so nice to have his help and hand the baby off if I needed a break. He was so good about helping out about the house, chauffeuring me around town, and getting things for me when I was busy with Cullen. But today it was just Cullen and me, which made it my first day as a stay-at-home mom.

I’ve (literally) been “dreaming” about this day since high school. I’ve never felt the need to be that career-woman working for corporate-America. Even as a teacher I knew it would never be a job I held for the rest of my life. But I did always know I wanted to stay at home and raise our kids.


I made sure I was productive from the get-go and started my morning at 6:00 a.m. by taking Sadie for a walk. Once I am able to start running again, (which is still almost 3 weeks away–sad!) my plan is to get up before Craig goes to work to get my run in. So I figured it would be a good idea to get in the habit now.

While it was dark and cold out this morning, it was also refreshing to get outside and enjoy the calmness of the morning. While we walked, Sadie sniffed at every mailbox and I enjoyed the time to myself. (Although, I was worried about Cullen the whole time.)

When I got back, Craig was up with Cullen who apparently woke up as soon as I left. (Go figure.) We had breakfast, enjoyed our time together in the morning, and mostly talked about Cullen. (Oh how times have changed.)

Craig came home during lunch and took a short nap. While I’ve been getting up with Cullen at night, he hasn’t been sleeping very well since he hears us get up every 1 – 2 hours. Poor guy. At least I can take a nap during the day if I ever let myself.


During the afternoon I made two loaves of homemade bread using my go-to recipe: The Very Best Homemade Whole Wheat Bread.

Cullen didn’t want to stay in his bouncy chair, so I put him in the Ergo while I finished making the dough. Nothing like letting the KitchenAid mixer knead dough while a baby sleeps on my chest.


While the dough was rising, we went for a walk. Cullen passed out in the Ergo, and Sadie was far too excited to be going on walks with me again.

I am so glad the pavement is dry these day and it hasn’t snowed other than it did back in mid-October. I am definitely okay with that!


When Craig got home, I handed Cullen off to him and got busy making Chickpea Herbed Veggie Burgers. I have made a lot of veggie burgers, and these are one of the few that have actually stayed together! I roasted sweet potatoes and regular potatoes in the oven to go with the burgers.



Well, so much for the lack of mom-related things on this blog. I promise I still want to blog about running, but until that happens, the blog will be taken over by my baby.

Here are some mom-related things that I can now relate to. All of the Facebook ‘likes’ and news feed videos and articles I used to skim past, I now find myself clicking on!

Those hormones must still be in full-force because I was bawling reading this:

10 Things Your Mom Never Told You

‘The Ninja’ and 3 More Ways to Escape Your Sleeping Baby  <– article


And the winner of the HALO SleepSack is:


Due with my first. Love to win for the cold winter.

Please e-mail me Manda to claim your prize!

    1. Wearing my son in the Ergo was pretty much the only way I got anything done for the first six months. Plus I loved being close to him all the time- 2nd one is due in March- can’t wait to break it out again!

    1. It’s fun to hear about peoples’ days no matter what they’re doing and it always amazes me that even when I’m home on a day off just doing chores and errands the day flies by, so I can only imagine having a newborn mixed in! You’ll be back out there running before you know it! Did you get the regular ergo or the ergo 360?

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