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November 10, 2014

I think we can confidently say who Cullen takes after.

Craig’s baby picture



Okay, so it probably isn’t the best picture to show the resemblance, but there are definitely some similarities.


Yes, Cullen has already been declared a 49ers fan by his dad.

Sadie looks so thrilled. Ha! Actually, she definitely hasn’t been herself since we brought Cullen home from the hospital. She has not been her happy-go-lucky self and often looks a little down. Craig has taken her to the dog park nearly every day, so she is definitely getting out, but she does know something’s up. However, I’m sure her attitude towards Cullen will change when he “accidentally” drops his food on a regular basis.


My return to running is going to take a little longer than expected. I was first thinking I could return to running after 2 weeks–that’s if my delivery would have gone as planned, and I hadn’t had to do a c-section. But now that I’ve had major abdominal surgery (a c-section), I will need to take 4 to 6 weeks off. The doctor initially said 4 weeks, but more recently I was advised 6 weeks. Sigh. . . .


Yet at the same time, I have honestly been surprised I haven’t felt too much of a need to go for a run. This little man keeps me pretty busy. Plus it is cold outside these days, and I am not one for cold-weather runs. So I am glad I don’t have a strong desire to go for a run since it isn’t in the cards for me for a few weeks.

These days I am sticking to light walking and extra cuddles with Cullen. As hard as it is, I know I need to properly heal my incision and not risk being out of commission even longer.

    1. I ran pregnant, too and ended up with a section after 31 hours of labor. So much of our birth stories were the same it was crazy! I didn’t feel ready to run until 8 weeks. I did walks as soon as I was cleared but I felt off and wobbly. I didn’t want to risk it either. Just be patient with yourself. Hope the nursing is going well. My fave nursing runner advice is nurse before you run. Helps with the boobage and buys you time. Good luck and congrats!

      1. My legs, fortunately, don’t feel wobbly. I think I would mostly be worried about “ripping” open the incision at this point. Yet, at the same time I also feel strong and ready to get back at it.

    1. I like your attitude, Michelle! As such an experienced runner, you’ll be able to use what you already know and have put into practice in the past to your advantage when you do return to running. Cullen is a very cute and alert baby! Congratulations!

    1. I ran pregnant but was lucky to have a natural birth. I took 3 weeks off before I started running (I was cleared at 4 weeks though and started too early) and even then, things dont feel “right”. Although I had my daughter naturally, I still had quite a bit of abdominal pain whenever I ran and that lasted for a few weeks. Some runs were painfree some were not and it wasnt worth pushing through the pain (I treated myself like I was still pregnant and if I felt a lot of discomfort) and just walked the rest.

      Be patient with yourself and enjoy your little one while he is this little, they grow so fast!

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