1 Week Old

October 31, 2014

Someone asked me if this was going to turn into a “mommy blog.” I said definitely not. I will always talk about running and healthy eating, but since I’ve also blogged about other personal life things, I will be blogging about Cullen as well. I will not solely blog about him, but he will show up here and there. And while I am unable to run, he might show up a little more frequently.

Cullen turned one week old today.


We took him into work to show him off to some of our coworkers. A lady from our church made the pumpkin hat for him.

Here he is on his birth day. He looks so tired from the hours and hours of labor he endured, but he was a trooper and never showed signs of distress.


During our stay in the hospital, we made sure to FaceTime with my family in Minnesota so they could meet Cullen.


We ended up spending three nights in the hospital and went home Monday afternoon. We definitely appreciated being able to stay the extra nights. It was so nice to have the nurses there to ask questions to and help get Cullen to feed at midnight when I’d been trying for the past three hours. But it is also nice to be home now.


We are finding a groove and rolling pretty nicely through the days here at home. The nights have included 3 – 4 wake-ups to be fed, but those 2 – 3 hours of continuous sleep are better than what I had the first 4 nights! It has been very nice to have Dad home to help out as well.


Just a few random thoughts I’ve had recently regarding labor and delivery and other postpartum things.

Thoughts about my c-section:

– The c-section, as I mentioned, was my last resort, and while I was bummed that I had to have a c-section, I knew I had tried every other measure and my child had to come out some way or another.

– I knew it would take longer to get back to running, but I had never considered what other restrictions I would have to lifting items, pushing/pulling things, and not being able to drive for 2 weeks. I definitely have to be careful, which is also why I’m thankful Craig is home to help me.

– I didn’t realize how much it would hurt to laugh! Please don’t make me laugh too hard because it hurts.

– The incision is still sore, and I have to be careful not to overdo it. Craig and I went on a walk yesterday, and after less than 10 minutes, I was already feeling sore in my abdomen. (First time using the Ergo, and Craig said he loved it.)


Other postpartum thoughts:

– I am so glad to have my normal-sized feet back. I can now wear all of my shoes again. For the last 8 weeks my feet have been swollen and don’t fit into many of my shoes.

– We are so thankful for all of those friends and family members who have provided meals or assistance within the last week. Craig was getting really tired of eating Subway at the hospital, so I know he appreciated those of you who brought in other food for him.

– I am completely in love with this little guy and found myself sobbing (happy tears) one afternoon with all the love I have for him. Oh those postpartum hormones.


This face absolutely cracks me up.

    1. he is so cute God Bless your family!
      I also had a baby on August!
      I’m trying to start my running journey again but is hard. Umm I think I’m making excuses. Hope everything is good with the new baby!

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