A Fall Weekend Recap

October 19, 2014

Another weekend come and gone and maybe the last one of it being just Craig and I?? Only time will tell.

We enjoyed the weekend with friends, running, church, and taking maternity photos.

Saturday morning one of my athletes ran the Zombie Half-marathon in Anchorage. She flew in from one of the villages (rural communities in Alaska) to run her first half-marathon! She finished in 2:01, which was awesome for her first half!


Kicking it hard at the end. That last hill’s a killer! Nice work, Alicia.


Afterwards we met up at the coffee shop for strategy planning and the focus of her training for the winter months.


Saturday afternoon I went to my friend Katie’s baby shower. She is due 4 weeks after me, which is fun to share in the experience! We had fun playing the traditional baby shower games, chatting, and eating delicious pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting. This is a picture of the two of us from my baby shower back in September.

Saturday evening Craig and I went on a walk through the neighborhood. It is brisk these days in the mornings and evenings with lows in the 30s. Brrr!!

Sunday morning was church, and then we had a friend take some maternity photos. I realized last week that I didn’t have any photos of Craig and I and the baby bump! I had briefly thought about getting professional photos done, but I’m too cheap, so we opted for a few shots taken by a friend.



One of the fun pictures.


Sunday afternoon I made this Taco Soup and two types of cornbread (Moist and Easy Cornbread and Jalapeno Cornbread) for a young adult gathering at our place. I made the soup the other week, and it was easy-peasy and very delicious! A perfect crockpot meal for the weather we’ve been having.

Alright, Craig says I need to go to bed now, so I guess that’s all I have time for!

    1. Hi,

      I live in Indianapolis and I think the like you and Craig have built is very neat. I’m not even a runner (tried, but can’t as my hips get torn apart -I’m a cyclist). I find your lives fascinating and someday would love to meet you. My sweetheart is kinda like you, but in reverse, where she loves the cold weather, nature and is health-conscious (like me). I guess I just wanted to say you two seem like great people and I could see us someday visiting Alaska and would love to meet you two (three). You two look happy and that’s inspiring. Sorry for the early snowfall 😉

      Best to you and yours,

      P.S., When able, do another, “Best of Craig” post (like Part II). He’s hysterical!

      1. Thanks for the comment. I’m sure we could arrange a meet-up if you are ever in the area! Ha! I should do another post about Craig–he definitely keeps life interesting. 🙂

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