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October 14, 2014

Pregnancy Tea

I’ve been drinking a cup of my pregnancy tea most days. Apparently it is supposed to support the womb for pregnancy and prepare it for delivery–whatever that means! I’m not sure if it will help, but I figure it can’t hurt.


Pre-Natal Massage and Pregnancy Pillow

One thing I wanted to treat myself to was a massage before the baby came. I had a pre-natal massage on Monday at Midtown Chiropractic with a Groupon I purchased. They had just gotten a new pregnancy pillow, which was perfect for me to lay on. It allowed me to lay on my stomach and not put any pressure on the baby. It looks a little odd, but it was great!


Pumpkin Noosa

I know people go crazy for everything pumpkin-flavored things these days. While I am not going googly-eyed for too many pumpkin things (other than the one that’s growing inside of me), I absolutely loved this pumpkin-flavored Noosa I found at Target. Oh my goodness, it was like a slice of pumpkin pie filling in this (full-fat) yogurt. So good!


Lunch Date

Craig and I had a lunch date today at Pita Pit. I rarely get the same thing when I eat out and this time was no exception. Today I tried the spicy black bean pita with all sorts of veggies and toppings.


Fall Decor

I picked up this fall banner at Target for $5. It isn’t much and maybe a little kiddish, but it was cheap, and adds a bit of color to my (limited) fall decor. (When we lived in our apartment, I did not spend time or money buying decor, but now that we have a house, it is fun to put up seasonal decor.)


Nature Box

Something new I’ve considered trying. . . . .has anyone tried Nature Box before? I see it in my Facebook news feed often, but I was curious to know if it is worth it. Mostly the penny-pincher in me wonders if it is worth the price.

    1. My partner and j have been getting those NatureBox snacks for a year and a half now and we LOVE them! They’re excellent, and have excellent service. We often get free snacks, and they’re very willing to replace a snack that you didn’t like with account credit, or a new snack.

    1. Noosa is my FAV Yogurt. It has a good consistency and I top my toast and english muffin with it sometimes.

      Other good Noosa Flavors: Honey, Coconut, Blueberry
      Not so good: Rhubarb

      1. No? You don’t care for the strawberry-rhubarb flavor? I actually really like that one. I haven’t tried honey, but I only moderately liked the coconut flavor. To each their own, right? 🙂

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