Things I’m Loving (and not loving) Lately IV

September 12, 2014

Here’s another Things I’m Loving Lately post–and a few things I’m not in love with.

Wednesday morning’s run. I ran 5 whole miles on Wednesday morning! And I only stopped to walk three times. I’ve got to get in shape for the Kenai River Marathon Relay I will be running at the end of the month.


I made these Caramelized Bacon and Tomato BLT w/Fried Egg & Smoked Gouda sandwiches one evening, and they were awesome! (The original recipe calls for bourbon, which I did not use and heirloom tomatoes, which I could not find in the grocery store.) You could definitely serve this sandwich in a restaurant. DSC_0013

This is amazing! A high jumper cleared the bar that was as tall as a basketball hoop. Did you know that a person’s center of gravity can pass under the bar during the high jump?

I am also loving this tree decal Craig and I put up in the baby’s room on Wednesday night. I found it at Target and love how it looks in the room. It wasn’t hard to put up, but I’m just hoping it sticks because our walls are textured.


And of course, I always love our Friday morning coffee dates.


I want to like these brown rice crackers from Triscuit, but I just wasn’t a fan.



While in college, there was a cereal called Grape-Nuts Trail Mix Crunch that I absolutely loved. I thought this Grape-Nuts Fit version would be similar, but I was definitely incorrect. I had a few servings of this cereal but quickly grew tired of it.


I know regular pasta isn’t the healthiest thing for you, so I was excited when I saw this ancient grain version at Costco. Umm, it is not good at all. Maybe it is okay when you serve it right away, but I used it in a pasta dish that I had the next day, and it was not appetizing. It gets tough and doesn’t taste that great.


I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I’m off to prep for the baby shower!

    1. I love the sandwich. It looks like one from a restaurant. As for the rice/sweet potato crackers, I’ve found that it’s really hard to make sweet potato packaged foods taste good at all. If you’re looking for GF crackers, I really love Nut Thins.

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