Things I’m Loving (and not loving) Lately III

July 17, 2014

I am definitely making improvements with my running. After 2.5 weeks of nearly no running, I have been making some progress over the past week.

Last Wednesday, I went to the chiropractor in hopes of getting some relief fro my groin/pelvis pain that I had been experiencing since racing a half-marathon a few weeks ago. The chiropractor adjusted my back and did ART on my legs and hips, which has significantly improved my running.


While I am feeling better, I still haven’t been feeling as good as I did prior to that half-marathon. I ran 5 miles this morning, which was nice to get back to at least some running. I had to stop and walk a handful of times though. I am thinking this is about the best I am going to get these days.

After my run, I took Sadie for a 15 minute walk around the neighborhood. I think it is funny she never looks at the camera.


Afterwards it was time for breakfast: oatmeal with a fruit and protein smoothie.


I enjoy doing these Things I’m Loving Lately posts, so hopefully you do as well.

After purchasing some blackout curtains from West Elm, I also bought a new duvet cover for our bed from the same store as well. It was time to replace our old one as it had several rips in it. This is the Organic Ikat Links Duvet Cover from West Elm. I spent way too much time deciding on which duvet cover to buy, but after all of my turmoil, I am really happy with my decision. The final thing I want to do in our bedroom is paint the walks a light gray or blue/gray color.


I am really picky about my mascara. I’ve tried a ton of different brands, and this one is definitely one of my favorites. Clinque’s High Impact Mascara is bold and covers my lashes better than most mascaras I’ve tried.


I received a sample of this Laura Mercier Foundation Primer from Sephora and find myself using it every day. I love the subtle glimmer of shimmer is gives my skin each day.


I enjoy my peanut butter every morning, but sometimes I have to change it up. This Honey Pretzel Peanut Butter from Wild Friends is a fun variation on regular peanut butter. I don’t foresee this jar staying full for very long.


I’ve always loved Food Should Taste Good chips, and these guacamole chips are definitely another winner. They have a bold flavor that is absolutely delicious.


Taking selfies in the waiting room with my husband.

IMG_0269 IMG_0270 IMG_0271


And a couple things that I wasn’t so impressed with.

I saw another blogger rave about these Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt bars, but I wasn’t all that impressed. I liked the chocolate part but the rest of the bar wasn’t that great of a flavor. However, for 110 calories it is a good low-cal option for dessert.


I’ve order the Valencia Orange iced beverage from Starbucks before and enjoyed it. But maybe the novelty of making it at home wore off quickly because I got tired of these powered drink packets very quickly.



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Thank you to all my faithful readers and followers out there!

    1. i love clinique mascara! every kind i’ve tried has been great. right now i’m using mary kay that was gifted to me, and it’s alright. i also have a calvin klein mascara that was a birthday freebie from ulta. i didn’t even know ck made mascara! tells you how much i know about makeup, ha.

      1. Yeah, I didn’t know CK made mascara either! I guess no one was buying their clothes anymore??

    1. I’ve had those Yasso frozen yogurt bars too, but mine were blueberry and didn’t have any chocolate. I liked them! I’m also a fan of Clinique mascara. My eyes itch and water if I wear just about anything else.

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