June 21, 2014

Tomorrow (Saturday, which will be ‘today’ for most of you) I will be running my 15th half-marathon. Yet, I sit here tonight, nervous about how things will go. (This will never change; I will always be nervous for a race.)

It is hard to know what to expect from my changing body. I had a run earlier in the week where my lower stomach was uncomfortable. I haven’t run the mileage I am used to putting on these legs in preparation for races. I have also been having a lot of negative self-talk about this race: “you’re not prepared to race a half-marathon” “you don’t need to run this one fast.” And while these things are very true, there is still a part of me (the ever-competitive part) that wants to go all-out tomorrow. But I know I also have to be realistic: I am nearly 5 months pregnant, and I can’t expect that I can run as fast as I used to. Whatever unfolds of tomorrow’s race, I am still counting my blessings I can be out there running and hope I feel good and feel as though I gave a good effort.

Friday morning, as every Friday morning starts out, Craig and I had our weekly coffee date before work. We both look forward to this time to just sit and enjoy each others company. It always goes too fast though.


After working at the store (Skinny Raven), I went to the expo to pick up my bib for the half-marathon and Craig’s bib for the 4-miler. I’m pretty sure the Mayor’s Marathon has the world’s smallest race expo. I don’t think there were even 10 booths/vendors set up. DSC_0007

Then I headed to my friend Joanne’s place for a pasta dinner with her friends who were from out of state, up here to run one of the races this weekend.

We had fun talking about our worst races, crazy Alaskans, what to wear tomorrow, and our favorite flavors of GU.


And one random thing from Thursday that Craig said I had to blog about was the dinner he made courtesy of Pioneer Woman’s recipe for Cajun Chicken Pasta. I don’t think that women has ever failed on a recipe. She definitely knows how to make some pretty amazing dishes. DSC_0002

Now it is off to bed and hoping I don’t have another dream about running a marathon in high heels. . . . .but I did place second and PR with a time of 3:11.

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    1. I most definitely agree with you about the Pioneer Woman’s ability to make amazing recipes/dishes everytime!

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