Weekly Mileage – 39 miles

January 26, 2014

Another very icy week of running. The temps have been in the 30s and 40s, which is awesome but that ice is treacherous.



5 miles ~ track workout with a friend

We did a ladder: 400, 800, 1200, 800, 400 meters

This was pretty tough due to the fact I haven’t done much speed lately and my friend is quicker on the shorter distances, so she really pushed me.


8 miles/1:20

Super windy, super icy, and therefore super slow. Not a particularly fun or enjoyable run. I was getting pretty frustrated at times.


AM – 4 miles/37:22

PM – 60 minute bootcamp class

I found some roads that weren’t quite so icy, which was nice. Bootcamp was good and made me sore, which I like!


5 miles/42:00

A pretty decent run. I sure miss running in the daylight though.


4 miles/time:? (I forgot my watch.)

A decent run in the dark and the rain! Yes, rain in January; this is crazy. 


13 miles/1:47

1.5 miles outside –> way too icy, so I went to the treadmill

7 miles on the treadmill/57:00

25 minutes abs class (I didn’t want to split my run up, but I really wanted to take this class.)

4.5 miles outside



Total: 39 miles


And I leave you with a picture of a moose that was in our front yard this morning. It get really close to our house!

This next week is a cut-back week in mileage. I’ve been increasing for four weeks, so it is time to set back this week.

      1. It depends. During this workout I walked and rested (no running/jogging) for about 90 seconds. There are other workouts I do where I continue to jog. It depends upon where I am in my training and what distance I’m training for.

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