The Weekend Gone in a Flash

January 5, 2014

I dislike how fast the weekends go by. Sometimes it seems like I live for the weekends only to have them disappear. (I hate having that feeling of living for the weekend—that’s exactly how I do not want to live my life.) But alas it is Sunday and time for a recap of the weekend.

Saturday was filled with a “long” run. A long run is 8 miles these days. Even though it wasn’t very long, it is what you must go through when recovering from an injury.


It was a good run with minimal pain, so I was glad about that. Only a few stares from people who thought I was crazy running in the winter and probably thinking I was trying to uphold a new year’s resolution.

Saturday afternoon we took Sadie to the dog park. While most of the United States is below average temps, we have been enjoying temperatures in the upper 20s and most of the time in the low 30s. I am definitely not complaining. Although, the frigid temps will come back eventually. DSC_0010

Craig and his sidekick, Sadie. DSC_0013

Sadie had fun until she tried to steal a treat from two other dogs and got attacked by the two (much bigger) dogs. Hopefully she learned her lesson for being a treat-stealer!DSC_0015

Saturday night, we went back to our newest favorite restaurant, Fat Ptarmigan, in downtown Anchorage. We both ordered a big salad and  split a chicken pesto pizza. I wasn’t too thrilled about the kind Craig picked out, but it was way better than I expected. As usual, we thoroughly enjoyed our experience here, and highly recommend it to any locals. DSC_0017

Since we were so close to the downtown park center, we checked out the ice sculptures. DSC_0020

It is amazing what a chainsaw can create. DSC_0021Then it was time for dessert. I was going to try and go dessert-free for a while, but Craig said I need to live a little. We went to Alaska Cake Studio, which is actually one place I’ve been wanting to try for a while.

DSC_0027I had a canolli and Craig had some lemon cheesecake type thing. Both were awesome.


Onto some random things. . . . .

1. Is it still popular to paint your ring finger a different color? You guys need to keep me informed since Alaska is three years behind in fashion.

2. My alma mater was #2 for the coldest college in the US: Concordia College.

I definitely experienced my fair share of -30 abd -40 degree days there!

3. This article on Alaskans and their unique stubbornness had me cracking up because it is so true!

A Stubborn Lot

We have a passion for doing things our own way, going against the grain of social norms and living life big and wild. But like Fox News, passion doesn’t always beget fact. We continue to do things just because that’s the way we’ve always done them. The stubbornness of the Alaskan spirit runs deep, sometimes just plain silly, just plain wrong, or dumbfounding.



1. What was the highlight of your weekend?

2. What was your workout this weekend?

3. What is your favorite local restaurant?


    1. Highlight of the weekend- Crab nachos and a watermelon martini from Manuel’s in Austin tx.
      Workout- 8:00am Bikram Yoga class saturday morning
      Favorite local restaurant- Perry’s – downtown Austin, Tx

      1. Sleeping in really is the best. I hate how my alarm nearly causes me to jump every morning it goes off.

    1. weekend highlight: church on sunday. it was good to be back there after traveling so much!
      workout: a semi long run (50 minutes) at a local state park
      local restaurant: we just moved so we haven’t tried very many, but there’s a mexican place called eddie’s nearby that is so fresh and delicious!

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