Winter is Here

December 22, 2013

According to the calendar, winter solstice started on Saturday, but winter has actually been here for two months already. We have had a ton of snow already: 12+ inches last weekend, a good amount on Wednesday, and several more inches this weekend. I think we’ll have a white Christmas. Although, if I had my way, I would be okay if we didn’t get any more this winter. (wishful thinking)

Saturday was the shortest day of the year, so at least we are past that hump. There was a whopping 5-1/2 hours of daylight here in Anchorage.

Sunrise at 10:14 a.m.


Sunset at 3:42 p.m.

IMG_2681This post has even more pictures of the sunrise and sunset from a different year.

It was a good weekend—busy as usual and not long enough. I spent my Friday at home cleaning, organizing, and writing this blog post: Should I move to Alaska? Saturday was filled with bread making, a servant event for church, and a house-warming party for some friends. I went to bed way too late both nights.


This week in fitness started out pretty good, but my hamstring is still not cooperating, so I might have to take some more time off. Sigh. . . .

Monday – 6 miles/49:00

Ran on the treadmill, which wasn’t too boring My hamstring was still bothering me.

PM – 60 minutes Yoga Sculpt class

Tuesday – 3 miles/25:35

3 miles is about all my legs can take when the temperature is about 0 degrees.

PM – weights at gym 20 minutes


Wednesday – 7 miles/1:01

Way too cold. I had the genius idea to stick these foot warmers to my pants to help keep my thighs warm, but I am sad to report it did not work. I was really optimistic it would work, but my legs still turned bright red and were numb by the time I got back.

Thursday – 4 miles/39:00

Very slow going. New snow = no traction. Hamstring were sore from deadlifts at the gym.

PM- 30 minutes weights at the gym

Friday – 4 miles/36:51

Went okay – found a cleared sidewalk to run on, which was nice. And it wasn’t quite as cold—in the teens.

Saturday – off

I had some dry needling done by the physical therapist on Friday afternoon and she kind of mentioned I am probably increasing my mileage too quickly, which is why I keep having problems. I am bound and determined to get back out there as soon as possible, so I thought I’d lay low this weekend in hopes I can heal my hamstring up completely.

Sunday – off

Total: 24 milesDSC_0097

    1. The heaters on your thighs is genius! Sounds like something I’d try. My thighs and tummy are the first things to freeze below like 35, even warmer if there’s some wind.

      1. I know; I thought it was a genius idea until it didn’t work. I was bummed. How did you keep your skin warm in Fairbanks!?!?

    1. Someday we may move somewhere where it’s colder than Texas and I like to run outside so I’m looking for tips. Too bad the foot warmers on your legs didn’t help. Sounded good, though!

      1. Layers and good gear. Little things like tucking my shirt in, wearing something around my neck, and making sure my wrists and ears are covered can make a big difference.

    1. You ever try snowshoe running? I love it. Also, these post make me feel a little better about our short days. I always think, “winter’s long and days are short in Minnesota, but at least I don’t live in Alaska.” It is great that the days are getting longer now.

      1. I can’t say I have tried snowshoe running, but I’ve heard of people doing it. Haha! I’m glad I can make you feel better–although I’m sure it still stinks when you are living it day-in and day-out. Yeah, I think we gained a whole 30 seconds or so from yesterday. Unfortunately you don’t really notice it until about February.

    1. Just realizing at this age of 50.i want to move to Alaska.kind of of the grid a lil bit.but got to have in door plumbing and electric I love winter an snow.any suggestion

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